Trujillo, Cultural Capital of Peru

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The coastal city of Trujillo is as pretty as a picture. The streets are awash with warm-colored colonial facades complete with frothy white detailing and wooden balconies. Above them, the skies are almost always blue. Though this city – Peru’s second-most populous – is set amid the northern desert region, it has a distinctly European vibe, no doubt a hangover from its days as a colonial powerhouse.

Yet behind the Spanish-influenced architecture is a cultural heritage that’s as Peruvian as it gets. Not only is it within easy reach of pre-Inca archaeological sites such as Chan Chan, but it also has cultural clout of its own as the birthplace of such illustrious authors as Cesar Vallejo and Victor Raúl Haya de la Torre, and for hosting prestigious cultural events.

The high point of Trujillo’s cultural calendar is the month-long Marinera Festival, which takes place in January. The event celebrates the Marinera dance – an elegant cat-and-mouse-like courtship dance that originated here in Trujillo – with competitions drawing some of the most skillful Marinera dancers from all over the world. One version of the dance even involves the male dancer performing on the back of a Peruvian Paso horse, a specialized breed known for its elegant lateral gait.

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