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Explore the fascinating history and vibrant scenery of southern Peru on our exclusive Peru Tours, a destination unlike any other. Dine on authentic cuisine, discover Incan citadels, enjoy postcard-worthy landscapes, and embark on one of the world’s most
notable bucket list experiences.

Your expedition begins in Arequipa, where you will learn about Peru’s colonial history. From there, travelers will be immersed in the majesty of Colca Canyon, full of natural hot springs and wildlife spotting. After sailing across the world’s highest navigable lake, you will trek through Cusco and the Sacred Valley, the heart of the Incan empire. And the finale will be your two-day tour of Machu Picchu, South America’s most noteworthy ancient site.




  • Discover Peru’s colonial “White City” in Arequipa.
  • Visit the famous frozen Inca mummy, Juanita.
  • Spot majestic condors soaring at daybreak across Colca Canyon.
  • Feel rejuvenated soaking in the natural hot springs and mineral baths near Colca.
  • Learn about unique indigenous lifestyles while sailing across Lake Titicaca.
  • Visit local communities in the Sacred Valley’s most charming towns.
  • Embark on a private tour of Cusco, a historic city where Inca landmarks overlap with colonial architecture.
  • Scale the ancient stone stairway up Machu Picchu’s neighboring peak, Huayna Picchu.
  • Relish a private luxury tour to Machu Picchu with an expert guide to explain the history, architecture, and theories surrounding the site.
  • Enjoy enriching experiences with local artists at their workshops.
  • Relax in hand-picked luxury accommodations throughout your personalized trip to Peru.
  • Indulge in the delights of Peruvian cuisine at the country’s finest dining establishments.


Discover Peru Tour

Arrive at your hotel in Lima after your flight to Peru!

When your flight arrives in Lima, a Kuoda host will welcome you personally and escort you to the hotel. Instead of navigating a new city after a long flight, let us take care of the transportation logistics. We will drop you off at your hotel so you can refresh and enjoy a peaceful evening before the tour of Southern Peru begins. Relax with a good night’s rest before your flight to Arequipa in the morning.

Fly to Arequipa and relish a private tour of Peru’s second-largest city.

In the morning, you will be escorted to the airport for a direct flight to Arequipa. Often called “The White City,” Arequipa is famous for its dreamy colonial-era buildings, crafted from a pearly volcanic rock known as sillar. One of our hosts will help you travel to your hotel of choice to settle in.

During the afternoon, venture out on a private city tour of Arequipa’s most intriguing sights. Capture enviable pictures of the handsome colonial architecture, and learn about the Juanita mummy, the preserved body of a young Inca girl found atop a glacier who was sacrificed to the gods. You will also explore a 16th-century convent before concluding your tour in the main square, Yanahuara, which boasts stunning panoramas of the city and the volcanic peak of El Misti.

Drive to the deepest Canyon in the world, spying some adorable new friends on the way!

Set off with your guide to the small town of Chivay. En route, you’ll stop at Pampa Cañahuas – a reserve inhabited by llamas and other South American camelids. Say hello before wandering to the volcano overlook, Patapampa, where you can gaze over the mighty line-up of snow-capped volcanic peaks. After checking into your luxury hotel, it’s time to relax and enjoy the beautiful and serene surroundings. Travelers staying at Colca Lodge will be able to unwind in the restorative waters of the lodge’s natural spring pools.

Indulge in a day of wellness in Colca Canyon.

Every traveler deserves the luxury of leisure, and Colca Canyon is the best destination to take advantage of slow, relaxing experiences. Visit the many hot springs in the region, soaking in the banks of the River Colca. These warm pools are fed by natural springs that produce water at temperatures of up to 80ºC.  They are rich in minerals such as lithium – known to promote calmness and relaxation.

Explore the wild side of Colca Canyon; then take a private drive to Puno and Lake Titicaca.

Following breakfast at your luxury hotel, head for Condor’s Cross to peer down into the seemingly endless depths of Colca Canyon. This giant Andean fissure is one of the world’s deepest canyons, plummeting deep toward the Earth’s core. While here, see if you can spot a majestic Andean condor. This bird is frequently spotted soaring above the canyon’s abyss. After your morning in the wild, we’ll visit some of the settlements in and around Colca Valley to learn about local customs.

During the afternoon, you will enjoy views of the picturesque countryside during the five-hour journey to Puno. The private car ride is an excellent time to sit back and relax. When you arrive in Puno, your Kuoda host will check you into your hotel for a restorative evening.

Explore a private tour learning about life on Lake Titicaca.

Start your tour of the Sacred Valley in the ancient town of Ollantaytambo, where the centuries-old influence of the Incas is still very much visible. Water from the mountains trickles down to the Inca-built street canals, while the original Inca walls and trapezoidal doors are still standing.

With your guide by your side, ascend beyond the slope-side terraces to the ruins of a centuries-old fortress above the town. This is the spot where the Incas secured an important victory over the Spanish conquistadors. Inspect the intricately hewn stone constructions and have your guide show you the distant quarries from which the Incas sourced their materials. This site also affords fabulous views of the valley and the Urubamba River that meanders through it.

Afterward, your exclusive tour of Peru will take you to another valley town – Pisac – where you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with locals as you survey the artisan offerings of the market. Vegetables, textiles, and silver jewelry are just some of the items sold here.

End the day with one more archaeological site visit, this time to the abandoned mountainside ruins of the original Inca Pisac village. Look out across verdant Inca farmland that has since been transformed into agricultural farms for modern-day Quechua people. Later, return to the hotel of your choice.Today, you’ll enjoy a guided private tour – which can be customized to suit those on family tours to Peru – around Lake Titicaca. Travel by boat to the floating islands of Uros, home to an ancient community whose lineage stretches back to pre-Inca times. Learn how the Uros people have managed to preserve their unique way of life through innovative and artistic daily routines that help sustain this one-of-a-kind community.

Next, sail out to Taquile Island, whose residents are honored by UNESCO for their artisanal weaving skills. Eat a lunch prepared by the hospitable islanders, before returning to your hotel in Puno.

Take the scenic route from Puno to Cusco for some unique sightseeing.

After breakfast, settle in on a guided bus tour that will take you from Puno to Cusco. Along the way, you will stop at several intriguing destinations that make the drive even more exciting. The first stop-off comes at the Pre-Inca Pukara archaeological site. Next up: La Raya, which is at around 14,220 feet, will be the literal high point of your travels. A stunning panoramic sight full of glorious glacier-capped peaks looms in the background. In the foreground, local craftsmen sell their wares in roadside stalls.

After a peaceful lunch en route, you’ll stretch your legs once more at Raqchi. The Inca ruins here stand apart from all the rest. This town once provided rest along the Inca trail and possesses unusual stone-and-mud-brick walls, designed to ward off invaders from the south.

The penultimate destination on your guided bus tour will be the church of Andahuaylillas. Whitewashed on the outside, this church’s seemingly humble exterior veils the extravagance that lies inside. The interior’s lavish frescoes, dazzling gold leaf, and eye-popping wood sculpture have earned it the title, “Sistine Chapel of the Americas.”

As you step off the bus in Cusco, you’ll be met by a Kuoda host who will take you to your charming hotel, where you can rest and put your feet up.

Uncover the secrets of Cusco’s cobblestone streets on a private city tour.

Prepare to fall in love with Cusco, a gorgeous city that wins the heart of almost every traveler that passes through it. A private tour is the best way to learn about this historic city, and get the best insider secrets! After breakfast, meet your guide and wander among the archaeological remains of Sacsayhuaman, where the Incas staged a great battle against the conquistadors. Return to the city and venture through the bohemian neighborhood of San Blas, a hub of artistic inspiration. Explore Qoricancha and the Santo Domingo monastery, a colonial structure built on top of the ancient Inca temple of the sun. Live like a local and grab some groceries in the open-air San Pedro market for a delightful shopping experience!

At the end of the tour, your guide will suggest a few places to enjoy a succulent lunch.

Steal away to the breathtaking Sacred Valley just forty-five minutes outside of Cusco.

Today, your customized tour of Peru will take you into the Sacred Valley for a step into the past at Ollantaytambo, where original Inca town planning – including the street canals – remains in place. Climb up past the fertile agricultural terraces, where locals tend to crops such as corn, potato, and quinoa. Soon, you’ll reach the remains of the Inca Temple of the Sun, whose elevated position provides stellar valley views. A guide will show you around the rest of the ancient site, pointing out the Inca crop storehouses and rock quarries.

Return to the valley and wander the small town of Pisac, relishing the quaint village and its vibrant artisan market. Here, stalls are stacked with all kinds of interesting items, from curious vegetables and plant-based dyes to artful textiles and ceramics. After shopping in the market, make your way up to the ruins overlooking the town. As you take in the view, remember that this is the place where the agricultural masters of the Inca empire developed many of the potato species Peru is known for.

Relax with a morning train through the cloud forest on your way to visit Machu Picchu!

This is the moment all Peruvian explorers wait for. Board the train in Ollantaytambo to begin your Machu Picchu journey. Watch the cloud jungle pass by through the large glass windows, and see if you can spot some alpacas grazing in the valley! When you arrive in Aguas Calientes, enjoy an early lunch before ascending to the lost Incan citadel.

After a bus ride to the gates of South America’s most notable wonder, you will finally emerge at the top of the world – Machu Picchu. The incredible Inca stone citadel will reveal itself to you as you enter the main gates, a city intertwined with the clouds. Your expert guide will give you a private tour of the ancient city.

Upon conclusion of your tour, return for an evening in Aguas Calientes. Enjoy an excellent dinner on-site at your hotel and fall into bed, lulled to sleep by the sound of the cloud forest around you.

Embark on an exclusive trek up the highly coveted Huayna Picchu!

Today you have the option to hike two different trails – Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain, so it’s completely up to you! This will be the culmination of your Machu Picchu luxury tour, so enjoy it however you want. Adventurous travelers who desire something off-the-beaten path should hike the steep slope of Huayna Picchu, offering unrivaled views of Machu Picchu. Please note that only a limited amount of hikers are allowed to climb Huayna Picchu each day and tickets will need to be purchased in advance along with your Machu Picchu entrance.

In the afternoon, reconvene in Aguas Calientes and board the return train to Ollantaytambo. Your Kuoda host will meet you at the station and bring you to your hotel for a well-earned evening of rest.

Enjoy a unique day in Maras and Moray Learning About Genius Incan Experiments

After breakfast, you’ll be taken to see the ancient agricultural site of Moray. Experts today believe these grassy amphitheaters served as a farming laboratory. Varying temperatures and soils of the ascending terraces provided different growing environments that allowed the Incas to experiment with their crops. We’ll pass through the town of Maras – known for its beautiful colonial doorways – before arriving at the town’s salt pans. The small white evaporation pools are still harvested by locals in a traditional manner! We’ll pause for a delicious lunch where you’ll be able to sample some regional fare.

After eating, mingle with the locals during a visit to a hidden highland village on the shore of the icy blue Lake Piuray. This rural community subsists on agriculture and many of the women are master weavers, creating exquisite textiles using ancient techniques. You will have the opportunity to meet with the locals, visit their houses and fields, and experience what day-to-day life is like in the Andean highlands. You might also get to meet some of the local children who attend Kuoda’s after-school program (Monday to Friday) – they love sharing their art with visitors.

Later, you’ll return to your comfortable hotel for the evening.

Tour the bohemian streets of Barranco and bid farewell to Peru

Going home is the worst part of any private Peru vacation, but at Kuoda, we’ll do our best to make it as smooth and hassle-free as possible. First, we’ll bring you to Cusco airport for your return flight to Lima. In Lima, a Kuoda host will meet you and take you to the seaside bohemian district of Barranco. See the streets of Barranco come alive as you visit a number of local art galleries and shops that support local artisans. Finally, enjoy a first-class gourmet meal featuring world-renowned Peruvian flavors in a restaurant of your choice before returning to the airport for your journey home! Buen Viaje!


Each journey is tailored to your specific needs and desires, and so our prices vary depending on the number of people
traveling, level of accommodations desired, and activities included, among other factors.

Our travel designers will curate a journey specifically for you. If you have a budget you want us to work with, please let
us know, and we will do our best to achieve it.


  • Personalized itinerary planning
  • A Kuoda host to assist you in every location
  • The majority of meals in the itinerary
  • Daily activities and excursions as indicated in the itinerary


  • International flights to and from your home country
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not specified
  • All gratuities


From luxury properties to boutique hotels, our staff handpicks your ideal stay to ensure you get the ultimate comfort during your travels.

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