We as Kuoda are proud members of the following institutions dedicated to the region of South America and the integrity of tourism agencies, which promote the growth of sustainable tourism for all.

ATTA member

ATTA (Adventure Travel Trade Association) is an organization dedicated to the professionalization and growth of the sustainable adventure travel industry. ATTA works to protect the social, cultural, and environmental integrity of destinations around the world, and enables us to ensure we’re always offering the best possible tours.


ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors) is the world’s largest association of travel professionals. The ASTA membership is a symbol of professionalism and integrity, and with this you know when you’ve found a reliable travel advisor.


LATA (Latin American Travel Association) is a group dedicated to the promotion of growth in Latin America as a tourist destination. They protect the interests of both the traveler and of tourism in standards and practices in the region.


The official branding of the country’s tourism promotes the development of tourism through art, design, cuisine for all visitors to Peru, through the government agencies Mincetur and Dircetur. For all things Peruvian, Prom Perú!


APTAE (Asociación de Aventura, Ecoturismo y Turismo Especializado) is a group that aims to develop tourism in a sustainable and responsible manner, being aware to minimize the impact of tourism on the preservation of natural and cultural wealth.


The World Travel Awards note the best in category for hotels, restaurants and agencies around the world each year. Kuoda has been nominated for best Peruvian agency for the last four years running!