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Luxury Trip to Chile

Stretching along the Pacific Coast is a wonderland of majestic glaciers and sweeping
landscapes, full of vibrant cultural experiences and unique natural wonders. Explore
one of the driest deserts in the world and look up at the stars to see the Milky Way
galaxy looking back down at you, with skies as clear as crystal to gaze up above.

For the adventurer who wants to immerse themselves in the outdoors while indulging in five star accommodations and
excursions, Chile is the perfect destination. Explore lush vineyards for a private tasting, or party in Chile’s capital,
Santiago, for some of the best nightlife in the country.


The Diverse Lands of Chile

From mysterious landmarks like Easter Island, to natural wonders such as Atacama Desert where spring is eternal – Chile
is known for its unique geography and a plethora of outdoor adventures to choose from.

Local Time
(UTC -4 hours)
Santiago de Chile, Chile’s Capital City
Ecuador’s Population: Approx. 19.12 million as of 2022
Official Languages: Spanish, English
Official Currency: Chilean Peso
7 designated UNESCO sites

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Signature Chile Itineraries

Depending on your individual interests, Kuoda will handcraft a luxury trip to
Chile for you, so you can experience your own personal paradise.

Before planning begins, take a look at some of our signature itineraries to ignite your wanderlust and inspire your plans!
Once you narrow down how you’d like to spend your time in Chile, Kuoda’s travel experts will help build the perfect
itinerary for an ultimate bucket list experience for a stunning South American escape.


Best Time To Travel

Thinly stretched across the coast of the continent, Chile enjoys a variety of seasons
depending on when and where you will travel.

The north is relatively stable and dry, while the center is more Mediterranean with rains from May to August and
temperatures that reach 28 Celsius in January. In the south, wind, rain and snow are not uncommon, and summer
temperatures can reach a maximum of 10 Celsius (50 Fahrenheit).

Better months for visiting Easter Island can be the first half of the year and the Spring (October through December).
Avoid the winter months of June through September when planning for Patagonia.

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Insider Tips


With travel experts who have explored Chile, the Kuoda team knows the ins
and outs of the country and the best way to experience it.


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