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Few things in the world are as impressive as the majesty of Patagonia. From monstrous, icy glaciers to relaxing thermal baths surrounded by forests and views of snowy mountains, fly-fishing in one of the many lakes to kayaking through fjords, anyone who visits will have a marvelous time.

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First, probably the cutest reason to visit Patagonia would be the penguins. Near Punta Arenas, Chile is Magdalena Island, which is a popular place to see Magellanic penguins – there are nearly 60,000 breeding pairs who come here to raise their young each summer! Also, the only colony of king penguins outside of Antarctica is on the coast of Bahia Inutil – the Parque Pingüino Rey.

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If hiking to see spectacular views is your thing, you can visit Torres del Paine National Park, near Puerto Natales. With rocky, green landscapes, soaring mountain peaks, and pristine, turquoise lakes, every part of this gorgeous national park will astound you. One of the most impressive things to see here would be the Grey Glacier, one of Torres de Paine’s most enormous glaciers – a blue-grey sheet of ice about 4 miles wide and 100 feet tall.

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There are also a variety of activities you can try while exploring Patagonia – you can cycle along the Carretera Austral in Patagonia’s Lake District, kayak through the icy fjords just off or the Carretera Austral at the San Rafael Glacier, try some fly-fishing in the lakes of Tierra del Fuego, go horseback riding along one of the many rugged paths, or just relax and think of your adventures in one of Patagonia’s lovely thermal baths.

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With all there is to see and do here at the southern tip of the Americas, Patagonia is definitely a must for any trip through Chile.

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