Historic and Scenic Explorations of Chile

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Visit the historic cities of Chile that have all the charm of quaint European towns combined
with all the energy of Latin America. Fall in love with the Lake District with serene hiking and
relaxing immersion in nature.

Explore the mysteries of Easter Island, learning about the remote land mass that’s home to a unique community of
indigenous people, impressive scenery, and fascinating landmarks.




  • Explore the history of Santiago with your private guide.
  • Walk volcanic trails to beautiful lakes in Puerto Varas.
  • Discover the charming European influences in the Lake District.
  • Explore the ancient civilization on Easter Island.
  • Relax in luxury boutique accommodations.


Welcome to Chile!

When your flight arrives in Santiago, a Kuoda host will welcome you personally and escort you to the hotel. Instead of navigating a new city after a long flight, let us take care of the transportation logistics. Start your trip with some relaxed exploration of the city as you encounter the vivid culture of Chile’s capital.

We will drop you off at your hotel so you can refresh and enjoy a peaceful evening before your adventurous journey begins. Relax with a good night’s rest.

Osorno Volcano and Petrohúe Falls

After breakfast, your adventure starts as we drive to Ensenada for a journey to the enchanting Laguna Verde at the foot of Osorno Volcano. Then, it’s time to head to the slopes of the towering Osorno.

As you enter the Vicente Rosales National Park (the oldest national park in Chile), you’ll get a chance to hike the magical terrain and look out over Todos Los Santos Lake, whose crystalline waters shimmer in the sun. The journey will be complete with a moment spent at Petrohúe Falls, a must-see in Chile’s Lake District.

Llanquihue, Frutillar & Puerto Octay

Start the day strolling through Llanquihue city, famous for its delicious sausages, before heading to Frutillar, a beautiful village reminiscent of old Bavaria.

See how European migrants left their mark as you walk around looking at beautiful old houses, admiring the gardens, and enjoying incomparable views of the Osorno and Puntiagudo volcanoes. The German Colonial Museum portrays the life of the settlers if you want a more in-depth history lesson. At the lakeshore, you can see the Teatro del Lago (Lake Theatre) which each year in Summer presents the famous Frutillar Musical Week, featuring classic music from Chile and abroad. From here, travel to Puerto Octay by the north shore of the lake.

Flight to Santiago

Today, you’ll fly to Santiago with some help from us. We’ll make sure you arrive at the Puerto Montt Airport on time for the short flight to the capital, where you can relax for an evening at leisure before tomorrow’s journey to Easter Island.

This morning we’ll help you return to the airport for your flight to Easter Island.

Upon arrival, we’ll escort you to the hotel where you have the rest of the day to relax and enjoy a first look at the beauty of the island. Stroll through the city, try delicious fruit juice, and be sure to look out for some amazing souvenirs as you settle into your surroundings.

Vaihu, Akahanga, Rano Raraku Volcano & Ahu Tongariki

In the morning, the expedition begins as you head to the southern coast of the island to discover the un-restored archaeological site of Vaihu.

Then, explore the site of Akahanga, where the famous king Hotu Matua is supposedly buried before journeying to Volcano Rano Raraku. Hike to the massive, overgrown crater where you can observe many ancient Moai lying unfinished.

Continue the adventure by heading to Ahu Tongariki, where 15 Moai stand aligned, their tall rock features all telling a unique story. Finally, arrive at Te Pito Kura to admire a huge Moai, the highest ever lifted on an Ahu. There will still be time to enjoy the beautiful beach of Anakena, with golden sand and numerous palm trees, before returning to your hotel.

Rano Kau, Orongo, Vinapu & Ana Kai Tangata

Start the day by scaling up the side of the volcano Rano Kau. As you stand at the top, you’ll enjoy an incredible view of the sea, volcanic crater, and the town of Hanga Roa below. Get a little lesson about the history of Easter Island at the ceremonial site and village of Orongo. Numerous petroglyphs can be seen throughout this town.

When you arrive at the site of Vinapu, you’ll find stones that look like the ruins of Machu Pichu, before continuing to the cave Ana Kai Tangata to study its impressive cave paintings. Return to your hotel with free time for lunch and individual exploration.

Ahu Tongariki / Flight Easter Island to Santiago

This morning, we’ll depart a bit before sunrise to drive to Ahu Tongariki and enjoy the magical views of the sun coming up beyond the horizon, peaking through the restored stone Moais at the Bay of Hanga Nui. Not only does this experience provide wonderful photo opportunities, but provides unforgettable memories of the dawn on Easter Island.

After an amazing start to the day in Tongariki, you’ll return to the hotel to have breakfast. Then, enjoy some free time exploring the island before heading to the airport for your flight back to Santiago!

Bid farewell to Chile

Going home is the worst part of any private Chile vacation, but at Kuoda, we’ll do our best to make it as smooth and hassle-free as possible. We’ll bring you to the airport for your return flight for the journey home. Buen Viaje!


Each journey is tailored to your specific needs and desires, and so our prices vary depending on the number of people
traveling, level of accommodations desired, and activities included, among other factors.

Our travel designers will curate a journey specifically for you. If you have a budget you want us to work with, please let
us know, and we will do our best to achieve it.


  • Personalized itinerary planning
  • A Kuoda host to assist you in every location
  • The majority of meals in the itinerary
  • Daily activities and excursions as indicated in the itinerary


  • International flights to and from your home country
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not specified
  • All gratuities


From luxury properties to boutique hotels, our staff handpicks your ideal stay to ensure you get the ultimate comfort during your travels.

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