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Discover just how much equatorial nation has crammed within its borders: dense rainforests filled with innumerable species, vibrant indigenous cultures, strange volcanic landscapes and truly striking architecture.

Most travelers to Ecuador first think of the Galapagos Islands and the enormous variety of endemic species, but there is so much more to Ecuador than these enchanting islands. You can also find the Mindo cloud forest, the vibrant capital of Quito, the colorful Otavalo market, the imposing Volcano Alley, and so much more!

Signature Ecuador Itineraries

Though your itinerary will be entirely personalized to your individual interests, we do have a collection of popular itineraries that serve as an excellent place to start. Look here for some inspiration, and then we will work together to build the adventure of your dreams!


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    Before we get started on helping you to piece together your perfect Ecuador vacation, take a look at some of Ecuador’s most beloved destinations for inspiration as to what you would like to see included on your Ecuador luxury tour.

    Galapagos Islands
    Ecuador destinations POTOSI
    Ecuador destinations QUITO

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    Local Time
    (ECT / GALT (UTC−5 / −6))

    Capital City
    Quito, Ecuador

    Approx. 17 million

    Official Languages
    Spanish, Kichwa, Shuar

    Official Currency
    United States dollar (USD)

    When to travel to Ecuador? Considering that Ecuador straddles the equator, the climate remains fairly consistent throughout the year with periods of peak rainfall and warmer temperatures. With that being said, you can visit Ecuador all year-round depending on where you would like to visit.

    • If you are looking to enjoy the beaches, it is surprisingly best advised to come during the rainy season which runs from December to May when temperatures are warmer and mornings are typically sunny before the daily afternoon bursts of tropical rain.
    • For those visitors who wish to hike the Andes, June through to November is the best time to go, as the weather is usually cooler and drier.
    • The Amazon is accessible and recommended year round however your experience may vary by the time of year that you visit. The biggest difference being that during the wet season roads are often flooded over and boats become your main means of transportation. In the dry season from June to November, the roads are passable and wildlife are more active and visible.

    Why you should visit Ecuador

    Volcano Avenue!

    Ecuador is a volcanic place, in the best sense possible, and quite literally! Volcano Avenue, also known as “Volcano Alley,” consists of 32 extinct, dormant, and active volcanoes sandwiched between the eastern and western Andean mountain ranges. And it is possible to get up close and personal with these sleeping giants for one of the most authentic adrenaline rushes out there.

    Short travel distances

    Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse and compact countries in the world! In one relatively short trip (1-2 weeks), you can visit the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon rainforest, the Pacific coast, the Andes Mountains, and all of the incredible microclimates in-between, such as the fascinating cloud forest.

    Cruising in style

    Galapagos cruises provide an intimate glimpse into the miraculous place that got Darwin’s wheels spinning towards the idea of evolution. There are more endemic species in the Galapagos archipelago than anywhere else on the planet! Each Galapagos cruise itinerary is designed to get you as much respectfully distanced face-time with this incredible array of wildlife as possible.

    Stand on the Equator

    Quito, Ecuador is the only place on earth where you can plant your feet firmly on top of the Equator, aka zero latitude. The Mitad del Mundo (Middle of the World) monument is less than an hour away from Quito’s bustling city center. Technically, the monument itself lies on dated coordinates, but the true zero-degree spot proven through GPS technology is only 250 meters away at the fascinating Intiñan solar museum.

    Mashpi lodge (“Unique Lodges of the World” – National Geographic)

    Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and this superlative does not begin and end with the Galapagos Islands. Mashpi Lodge in the Ecuadorian Andes’ cloud forest is one of the most unique and luxurious eco-lodges in the world, which highlights and preserves much of Ecuador’s biodiversity. A stay in Mashpi means a front row seat to 500 species of birds, wild boar, mischievous monkeys, and so much more!

    Some of the best chocolate and roses in the world

    A little known fact about Ecuador is that it produces some of the world’s best chocolate and roses. This is thanks to the country’s unique geographic position. Ecuadorian roses are internationally revered for their color intensity, objective beauty, stem length, and variety. Whereas Ecuadorian chocolate is one of the most exclusive for its intense flavor and aroma, yet mild bitterness due to its rapid fermentation at specific altitudes.

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