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Cotopaxi: Hike to the Neck of the Moon

Over the grassy Andean landscapes of Ecuador lies one of the planet’s tallest active volcanoes, Cotopaxi.

The national park is filled with many adventures and places for outdoor enthusiasts to connect with mother nature. With its crowning glaciers and unique flora, Cotopaxi makes for an unreal sight that can’t be missed on your luxury tour to Ecuador.

Experience Cotopaxi


Cotopaxi National Park is a great playground for true nature lovers to explore. Take a hike up to one of South America’s highest peaks or bike through the majestic grasslands in the park. Visit one of the glacial-melt water formations and take a swim if you’re brave enough. Or enjoy the views of the park while horseback riding during the sunset.


Considered one of Ecuador’s most beautiful natural areas, Cotopaxi is home to various flora and fauna. Being exposed to harsh circumstances, plants of the Andean Paramo habitat are fewer but very interesting. The dominant plants of the area are sturdy grasses, mosses, lichens, and unique Andean flowers making for a dreamy setting. At lower altitudes, the landscape transforms into a more humid mountain forest with fewer native species.


Discover a variety of global flavors using local Ecuadorian produce. Chefs in this region use fresh and distinct ingredients from all over the country. Many restaurants in the area have impressive views of the volcano, including Hacienda Los Martinos, a restaurant in a hotel that offers a unique experience on the slopes of Cotopaxi Volcano, enjoying snowy Cotopaxi and Rumiñahui.


The name “Cotopaxi” originated from the union of the indigenous Quechua word q'oto meaning 'throat' and the Aymara phakhsi meaning 'moon', translating to “the Neck of the Moon”. These ancient civilizations once believed this almighty god was a bringer of rain and successful crops.


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Best Time To Travel

Located in a humid area, Cotopaxi experiences pleasant weather all year
round allowing you to make a visit whenever you please.

During the winter, there are a few, short weeks that can be cold making the months of July-October just slightly less desirable. If you want to experience the area’s warmest weather, then November-March is ideal. Read more.

Insider Tips


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Hike The World’s Highest Active Volcano At almost 6,000 meters above the sea, Cotopaxi was once worshiped by Ecuador’s ancient civilization believing to be the bringer of rain and prosperous crops. A difficult task, hiking to the summit may not be desirable for all and it is more common to go up about 4,800 meters to José Rivas' shelter which takes only an hour.


Los Mortiños Restaurant Located in Hotel Hacienda Los Mortiños, the hotel restaurant offers a unique experience on the slopes of Cotopaxi Volcano. The restaurant has a warm and friendly atmosphere, lit by large windows, with a spectacular view of the snowy Cotopaxi and Rumiñahui. Enjoy a landscape decorated with alpacas, horses, and wild birds, as well as native trees such as the Polylepis.


Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge Cotopaxi Sanctuary Lodge provides guests with a lodging experience like no other. Stay on the slopes of the Sincholagua Volcano allowing for a spectacular view of the almighty Cotopaxi Volcano. The contemporary lodge hosts 4 luxury domes that not only offer comfortable accommodations but a once-in-a-lifetime experience of staying in such a unique structure. For those who rather stay in a more traditional-styled setting, the lodge also offers 4 luxury suites located in the main house.


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Galapagos Islands

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Ecuador Amazon

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Mashpi Cloud Forest

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Explore Cotopaxi: Hike to the Neck of the Moon. Over the grassy Andean landscapes of Ecuador lies one of the planet’s tallest active volcanoes, Cotopaxi.


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