Where the historical colonial city meets
the beautiful Ecuadorian landscapes.

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Cuenca Ecuador: Ecuador’s Most Charming City

Built on cobbled streets covered with gorgeous architecture on every corner, Cuenca Ecuador gives you the feeling of walking through the past.
Explore the stunning city and the beautiful natural landscapes surrounding the area. You will be in awe of the amount of art Cuenca Ecuador has to offer on your luxury tour with us.

Experience Cuenca


With many award-winning restaurants, you may experience difficulty choosing where to have dinner. Cuenca is one city where you will find high-end Ecuadorian food served with an elegant dining experience. Expect great service, incredible taste & presentation along with beautiful views & decor.


This colonial city strongly practices preserving Ecuadorian culture & traditions. Arts & crafts are kept alive by locals that are then sold and displayed in the local artisanal villages. Museums provide visitors with a deeper understanding of the history of this beautiful country. Local markets allow visitors to have an authentic experience of modern-day life for the people of Cuenca.


Experience outdoor excursions taking you deep into Ecuador’s natural beauty of El Cajas National Park. Catch a great view of the city from spots like El Mirador de Tira or from the top towers of the city’s best cathedral. Explore the amazing flavors that Ecuadorian gastronomy has to offer.


El Cajas National Park consists of 70,000 acres of protected Ecuadorian wilderness filled with dreamy landscapes. There is so much to see in this park including 235 different lakes, wild llamas roaming freely, and a spectacular array of bird species. High up in the cloud forest, you will feel like you’re walking in a dream.


Signature Ecuador Itineraries

Our custom-designed itineraries are suited to the needs and
preferences of each traveler, every time.

When booking a luxury vacation to Ecuador, we’ll keep your travel goals in mind – whether you’re looking to experience
the biodiversity of the Amazon, stand in the middle of the world in Quito, or explore the wonders of the Galapagos
Islands – there is something for everyone and our travel designers are eager to craft the perfect trip for your luxury
vacation to Ecuador.


Best Time To Travel

The best time to visit Cuenca is from April to June when the temperatures
are warmer but not as rainy as the summer months.

To get more time out of your day, then October is the best month to have the longest days. Avoid March which is Cuenca’s wettest month. If you prefer warmer weather, then you should visit in October-November when Cuenca’s see average highs at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Read more.

Insider Tips


With on-the-ground experts, the Kuoda team knows the ins and outs of the
country as locals, and the best way to experience it as travel industry experts.


Hike Cajas National Park With hiking trails of all different skill levels, it is easier for all to enjoy a day in the outdoors. Here, you can spot llamas roaming freely along with various bird species and beautiful fauna as a backdrop. Walk into a dream as you enter the cloud forest of El Cajas. Be sure to visit the Enchanted Forest where you will experience pure bliss with the beauty of the rivers and lake carving into the unreal landscapes.


Tiesto’s Cafe Restaurant An experience not to be missed on your Cuenca visit. Prepare to be taken on a culinary journey of Ecuadorian & South American flavors. You can expect nothing but the best from Tiesto’s from high-quality service, unbelievable tasting food, and presentation that makes each plate appear like a work of art. A bold statement but Tiesto’s could potentially be the best-tasting meal you’ll experience in Ecuador.


Hotel Cruz del Vado Located in the heart of the colonial city, Hotel Cruz del Vado resides in the oldest neighborhood where the more elite class once lived, therefore bearing the title of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Living up to its past, the hotel continues to be a symbol of the luxurious lifestyle embodying a classy ambiance with fabulous French-inspired interior design and imported Italian pink marble facades. Located on the third floor, the Blue Domes restaurant and outdoor bar take guests on a gastronomic journey of Ecuador accompanied by a spectacular view of Cuenca.


To Discover in Ecuador



In Quito, the capital city nearest to the equator, experience the sensation of being at the center of the world while exploring its historic colonial center.



Discover Guayaquil The City Of Museums. When it comes to learning on our Ecuador tours, Guayaquil has lots to offer with nearly 20 museums, including.



Only a short car ride away from Ecuador’s capital, you can find one of the best artisan markets showcasing colorful, handmade crafts and souvenirs in Otavalo.



Built on cobbled streets covered with gorgeous architecture on every corner, Cuenca Ecuador gives you the feeling of walking through the past.


Galapagos Islands

Listed as UNESCO #1 World Heritage Site, these significant ecological islands will have you amazed with the amount of biodiversity.


Ecuador Amazon

Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience lounging among the trees of the Amazon rainforest on your custom Amazon Joungle tours in Ecuador.


Mashpi Cloud Forest

Escape from the busy city to become rejuvenated with a tranquil lounging experience in Ecuador’s Cloud Forest, a perfect destination.



Explore Cotopaxi: Hike to the Neck of the Moon. Over the grassy Andean landscapes of Ecuador lies one of the planet’s tallest active volcanoes, Cotopaxi.


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