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A Colonial Masterpiece & UNESCO`s First Declared City in South America

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ecuador-quito-description-01Set on the foothills of the oft-rumbling Pichincha Volcano, custom travel to Quito, Ecuador affords wonderful views at almost every turn and – thanks to its high elevation and proximity to the equator – a temperate year-round climate.

Before the arrival of the Incas, who began expanding their empire north in the 15th century, Quito was inhabited by several tribes, including the Quitus, who gave the city its name. It was later used as the Inca’s northern capital. ecuador-quito-description-02When news of the approaching conquistadors reached the Incas, General Rumiñahui ordered that the Inca city be destroyed to prevent it from falling into Spanish hands.

When the Spanish arrived in town, they promptly began rebuilding the city in their own style. With them came the Catholic missionaries, whose influence can still be seen in the 40 or so churches and chapels, and 16 convents and monasteries of the city’s UNESCO-listed historical core.

Ecuador’s capital has an altogether more modern side too, one that bears no trace of its colonial past. Shiny office buildings and busy business district contrast with the historical core and speak of the 21st-century realities of life in this bustling hub.

With its dramatic setting, historic old town and lively spirit, Quito is a tempting place to spend a few days during a luxury Ecuador tour or an Ecuador family trip. It’s also, along with Guayaquil, one of the two jumping off-points for luxury Galapagos tours and Amazon tours.

What to do in Quito, Ecuador

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ico-quito-capital-ecuador Capital of Ecuador

ico-quito-customized-travel Customized Travel

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ico-quito-unesco UNESCO

ico-quito-colonial-architecture Colonial Architecture

ico-quito-middle-of-the-world Middle of the World

ico-quito-city-tours Authentic City Tours

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