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Experience the allure of Peru with Kuoda Travel. Our journeys promise a captivating blend of diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant cultures. From the iconic wonder of Machu Picchu nestled in the Andes Mountains to the enigmatic Nazca Lines and the serene beauty of Lake Titicaca, Peru captivates travelers with its unparalleled charm.

Embark on a tailored adventure with Kuoda Travel, where every moment is crafted to perfection. Discover the best of Peru’s destinations, immerse yourself in unique experiences, and create memories that last a lifetime. Explore our customized Peru travel itineraries and let us guide you on an unforgettable journey through this remarkable country.


The Land of The Incas

From the snow-capped Andes mountain range and desert to seashore and Amazonian tropical forest, 30 different
microclimates can be found here.

Local Time (UTC/GMT -5 hours)
Lima, Peru’s Capital City
Peru’s Population: Approx. 31 million
Official Languages: Spanish, Quechua, Aymara
Official Currency: Peruvian Sol
12 designated UNESCO sites

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Signature Peru Itineraries

Our custom-designed itineraries are suited to the needs and
preferences of each traveler, every time.

When booking luxury Peru Travel, we’ll keep all your goals in mind – whether you’re looking to experience the
biodiversity of the Amazon, eat your way through Lima, or explore the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu – Peru has something
for everyone, and our travel designers are eager to craft the perfect trip for your luxury Peru travel.


Best Time To Travel

From the sizzling coastal deserts to the humid Amazon rainforest – Peru is
truly a year-round destination.

For sunny mountain and jungle treks in the Andes & the Amazon, avoid the rainy season which runs from November to
March. The dry season, April through October, is the best time to visit Machu Picchu, experience a world-class trek, and
traverse the exotic Amazon Rainforest.

“Avoid the rainy season which runs from November to March”

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Insider Tips


With on the ground experts proudly living in Peru, the Kuoda team knows
the ins and outs of the country as locals, and the best way to experience
all Peru has to offer.


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