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Kuoda is the award-winning boutique luxury tour operator behind your South American


Kuoda means to expand, to improve, to learn and to grow. This is our philosophy.
As experts in creating unforgettable experiences, our team is strongly committed to these principles,
always on the lookout for new and stimulating journeys through South America.


A Woman-Led Company

As a Cusco native working for the hospitality industry, Mery Calderón, had witnessed many-a-time groups of exasperated tourists being shepherded onto crowded tour buses. Knowing they were not being treated to a genuine local experience, she experienced a light-bulb moment:

Peru needed a specialized, customer-oriented travel company that treated travelers as individual people whose wanderlust for the world around them was taken seriously.

She developed Kuoda to empower travelers, establishing a woman-led company where 74% of key leadership roles are also held by women. Ever since, Kuoda has been providing private, personalized, luxury tours across South America.

Redefining Luxury Travel

With Kuoda, luxury is not defined by expenses.

We aim to ensure that your experience is a worthy one, taking care of the finer details and logistics so all
you need to concern yourself with is enjoying your trip. Whether you wish to stay in a 5-star hotel or
prefer to visit a charming family-owned cottage in an idyllic location, Kuoda is dedicated to curating the
best accommodations and experiences for your vacation.


Travel Destinations

We curate journeys for travelers that yearn to go deeper and explore more
meaningful travel experiences.

From trekking through the Andes, to the depths of the Amazon rainforest – unlock your sense of adventure with
bespoke and soulful itineraries, no matter which destination is calling out to you.

Moved By People

Planning a highly detailed international itinerary online can prove difficult when you do it alone. Our team of experts are here for you, with a deeply personal understanding of the region to tailor your vacation perfectly.

Our custom itineraries are designed for your bucket list items – your dreams drive everything we do. Kuoda’s travel-loving staff have a wealth of knowledge and adventure-seeking spirit, allowing us to create exclusive and rewarding itineraries every time. We also have a private network of over 80 elite guides, drivers, historians, chefs and experts, who will ensure your experience is unforgettable. With nearly two decades of experience and a revolutionary team of travel experts, Kuoda guarantees your luxury tour of South America will be a mystical, remarkable experience.

Since 2004, we have crafted personalized itineraries for more than 12,300 travelers yearning to explore South America.

Our network of travel and hospitality experts is made up of over 182 local guides, drivers, and hosts to whom Kuoda gives direct and indirect employment.

In the past year, 99% of Kuoda’s travelers say they would recommend Kuoda to others and would choose to travel with us again.

At present, children and adults from 52 communities have benefited from Kuoda’s Kaypi Kunan social initiatives in computer literacy, music lessons, and more.

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