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Ecuador’s largest open air market.

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Otavalo, Unique Artisan Crafts And Souvenirs

Only a short car ride away from Ecuador’s capital, you can find one of the best artisan markets showcasing colorful, handmade crafts and souvenirs in Otavalo, a must-visit on our Ecuador Tours.

The area of Otavalo also offers many unique experiences, including the opportunity to have an authentic home-cooked meal in a family restaurant. There are also many opportunities to have outdoor adventures and wildlife interactions at the nearby condor park, all part of the incredible experiences you can enjoy on our Ecuador Tours.

Experience Otavalo


The Otavalo Market is one of the most spectacular sights in South America, outstanding for both its shopping and its cultural significance. The people of Otavalo use the market the same way their ancestors did during Ecuador’s pre-Colombian era when jungle products were traded for highland goods. The indigenous people of Otavalo are easily identified by their indigenous dress, with women wearing intricately embroidered white blouses, woven black skirts, and shawls. Jewelry includes strings of necklaces with gold beads and red coral bracelets. Most indigenous Otavaleños speak Quechua, evidence of their ability to hold on to traditional cultural values and practices despite oppression from colonization.


Maize, potatoes, and domesticated guinea pigs or cuy are features of Otavaleña agriculture, which reflects the cuisine of the region. Quimbolitos, made from corn, Locra Soup from potatoes, and Roasted Cuy are popular delicacies along with local favorite Fritada; fried chunks of pork served with white corn. Otavalo is a magical mix of history, customs, culture, cuisine, and folklore. Don’t miss this fascinating city while on your luxury tour to Ecuador.


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Best Time To Travel

The best months to visit Otavalo are the drier months which include:
January, June, July, August, and September.

With temperatures staying pretty consistent year-round, the only factor you should look out for is the amount of rain.
The wettest months are February-May and October-December with the highest average being 21 inches. Read more.

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Otavalo Market Looking to purchase colorful, handmade souvenirs? Held every Saturday, Otavalo Market hosts rows of artisan items created by talented artists. You can find a variety of different items at this picturesque market including ponchos, wall hanging, shawls, fresh tropical fruit, instruments, alpaca blankets, hand-embroidered pillowcases, and much much more. With incredible prices, be prepared to take home more than you can carry.


Puerto Lago A gem in the heart of Lago San Pablo, indulge in an incredible open-air gastronomic experience. Sitting on a dock, Puerto Lago boasts spectacular sunset creating the perfect setting for unforgettable moments. Not only will you be treated with friendly, high-quality service, but Puerto Lago keeps Ecuadorian culture alive with staff showcasing traditional clothing. Try a taste of authentic Ecuadorian cuisine including popular dishes like fresh ceviche and empanadas.


To Discover in Ecuador



In Quito, the capital city nearest to the equator, experience the sensation of being at the center of the world while exploring its historic colonial center.



Discover Guayaquil The City Of Museums. When it comes to learning on our Ecuador tours, Guayaquil has lots to offer with nearly 20 museums, including.



Only a short car ride away from Ecuador’s capital, you can find one of the best artisan markets showcasing colorful, handmade crafts and souvenirs in Otavalo.



Built on cobbled streets covered with gorgeous architecture on every corner, Cuenca Ecuador gives you the feeling of walking through the past.


Galapagos Islands

Listed as UNESCO #1 World Heritage Site, these significant ecological islands will have you amazed with the amount of biodiversity.


Ecuador Amazon

Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience lounging among the trees of the Amazon rainforest on your custom Amazon Joungle tours in Ecuador.


Mashpi Cloud Forest

Escape from the busy city to become rejuvenated with a tranquil lounging experience in Ecuador’s Cloud Forest, a perfect destination.



Explore Cotopaxi: Hike to the Neck of the Moon. Over the grassy Andean landscapes of Ecuador lies one of the planet’s tallest active volcanoes, Cotopaxi.


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