Galapagos Luxury Tour

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Embark on a journey between the culturally rich mainland and the extraordinary Galapagos
Islands with a luxury tour of Ecuador. Wander around the breathtaking colonial capital of Quito
before setting sail on a Galapagos luxury tour.

These fabled isles are home to a remarkable variety of wildlife, from waddling penguins and dallying giant tortoises to
all kinds of endemic seabirds. Snorkel in crystalline waters, trek along paradise beaches, and sail between the islands
for a remarkable excursion. The serene spectacle of these remote Pacific islands is sure to captivate your senses as
they once did for the great Charles Darwin.




  • Step into the UNESCO-recognized history of Ecuador’s rich colonial capital of Quito.
  • Hop between hemispheres at the Middle of the World equator marker.
  • Mingle with local artisans and hunt for a bargain at Otavalo, the setting of South America’s oldest, largest, and most famous market.
  • Relax with a luxury tour of the Galapagos Islands – where Charles Darwin’s revolutionary theory of evolution was born.
  • Observe remarkable wildlife such as dawdling giant tortoises, strutting blue-footed boobies, and plenty of other curious creatures.
  • Go in search of hidden treasures as you snorkel on pristine beaches.
  • Travel in style with private transportation, including a private luxury boat tour of the Galapagos Islands.
  • Indulge in the comfort of boutique, sustainable accommodations, ranging from characteristic lodges to luxury hotels.


Welcome to Ecuador! An enriching adventure awaits in Quito.

Meet your Kuoda host upon arrival and head to the chic San Francisco de Quito hotel in the heart of the colonial center. Your guide will talk you through your itinerary and answer any questions you may have regarding your luxury tour of Ecuador. Enjoy a restful evening before the excursions begin in the morning.

Visit the Otavalo Market

Depart from Quito in the early morning for a visit to Otavalo Market, which has been running since pre-Inca times. Famous for being South America’s oldest market, this is more than a fun place to shop for souvenirs – it’s a living museum! Browse unique leather goods, textiles, crafts, and carvings from local artisans. After a day of shopping, return to your charming hotel in Quito and enjoy a calm afternoon.

Luxury City Tour of Quito

Immerse yourself in the fascinating Ecuadorian capital of Quito. To start your private tour of this vast city, you will drive around the northern residential section and peruse the modern neighborhoods of Quito. Continue on foot and enter the UNESCO-listed colonial center. Marvel at the ornate churches and elegant houses, complete with arched doorways and wrought-iron balconies that transport you to a different period of time altogether.

The religious influence brought to Ecuador by the Spanish is particularly evident in Quito’s historic center, which contains more than 40 churches and chapels as well as 16 convents and monasteries. After strolling around the picturesque streets, your exclusive city tour will take you to two landmark sites. First, Parque Alameda, which houses the oldest astronomical observatory in South America. Next is the central plaza known as Independence Square, home to the impressive Church of San Francisco the oldest, largest, and most impressive religious building in the city. This city tour will be a full-day excursion strolling through the beautiful streets of Quito.

Begin Your Luxury Cruise to the Galapagos

Today you’ll begin your four-day cruise in the most famous wildlife-watching spot on Earth. A luxury tour of the Galapagos Islands should be done with ample amounts of time, enjoying every moment to the fullest extent.

Upon arrival in the Galapagos, you’ll board your yacht and enjoy a delightful welcome lunch. Glide along the mangrove-lined islets to Santa Cruz, the second-largest island in the archipelago. See if you can spot some local birds including boobies, frigates, and pelicans, as well as some marine life like sea turtles, marine iguanas, rays, and sharks.

Once you set foot on land, start exploring this mythical paradise with a short hike, where you might just find yourself face-to-face with vibrant pink flamingos, common stilts, and pintail ducks. Trek up Dragon Hill (Cerro Dragon) for views of the bay and the western archipelago. You may even be treated to a land iguana sighting since these huge reptilian creatures are known to nest in this area.

Explore Bartolomé Island

Begin the second day of your luxury Galapagos cruise with a short journey to Bartolomé island, one of the youngest islands in the chain. Disembark and ascend the steep wooden staircase to the island’s summit. Your effort will be rewarded with fabulous views of the gnarled volcanic island terrain and the turquoise waters surrounding it. Take a panga (fishing boat) ride around the volcanic cone of Pinnacle Rock for even more spectacular views! And if you’re craving a look underwater, enjoy a snorkeling voyage and say hello to the curious Galapagos penguins.

After lunch aboard the cruiser, you will travel to Puerto Egas, a mecca for all kinds of land and shore birds. Stroll along the pitch-black volcanic shore and you may encounter a colony of sea lions sunning themselves or even marine iguanas grazing on green algae beds.

Discover the mysteries of Darwin Bay and Tower Island

Following breakfast on board, come ashore for a stroll along a small white coralline sand beach. Here you’ll find all kinds of birds, including great frigates, red-footed and Nazca boobies, and a variety of finches. Most of the Galapagos birds are unfazed by human presence allowing for up-close observation. Brave divers can also take some time to snorkel along the cliffs and look for hammerhead sharks. For a more tame but equally exciting ocean adventure, head back to the boat for a whale-watching and dolphin-spotting session!

Later in the day, take a walk around North Seymour Island. Glimpse frigates strutting about and blue-footed boobies diving for fish and looking out for sea lions, while marine iguanas relax like sunbathers on holiday.

Venture through Santa Fe (Barrington Island)

In the early morning, disembark at Santa Fe Island, famously known as “Barrington Island” one of the oldest land masses in the Galapagos. Some rocks and gemstones here date back almost four million years. After a short hike through the prehistoric terrain, you will reach an observation point to inspect native, dragon-like Sante Fe iguanas.

Come afternoon, sail over to Santa Cruz Island and visit the Charles Darwin Research Station. Learn about the conservation work and research done by the scientists stationed here. Stop by the tortoise breeding center to see the gentle giants and marvel at the impressive prickly pear cactus forest.

Next, you’ll be driven to the lush highlands to wander a giant daisy tree forest and look out over the twin pit craters of “Los Gemelos.” If you’re lucky, you may even spot a few endangered giant tortoises ambling around in their wild natural habitat.

Return Home

Visit Baquerizo Moreno Island in the morning. This small port is the provincial capital of the Galapagos, where you can track the natural history of the islands through the enlightening exhibits of the Cristobal Interpretation Center. After, get a feel for the colorful little town as you stroll around its cafes and souvenir shops.

In the afternoon, the Kuoda team will help you navigate back to Ecuador’s mainland where you will check in for your flight home at Quito airport. Buen Viaje!


Each journey is tailored to your specific needs and desires, and so our prices vary depending on the number of people
traveling, level of accommodations desired, and activities included, among other factors.

Our travel designers will curate a journey specifically for you. If you have a budget you want us to work with, please let
us know, and we will do our best to achieve it.


  • Personalized itinerary planning
  • A Kuoda host to assist you in every location
  • The majority of meals in the itinerary
  • Daily activities and excursions as indicated in the itinerary


  • International flights to and from your home country
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not specified
  • All gratuities


From luxury properties to boutique hotels, our staff handpicks your ideal stay to ensure you get the ultimate comfort during your travels.

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