San Pedro de Atacama

Embark On A Journey To The Driest Desert In The World

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Patagonia’s Trekking Capital

The driest and most desolate region in the world is far from inert. Visit San Pedro de Atacama and explore unique landscapes
like salt flats, geysers, and deep blue lagoons, just a few of the sites in this absolutely otherworldly destination,
perfect for unforgettable tours in Chile.

The region boasts stunning geologic formations and has provided scientists with a wealth of research opportunities. The
Atacama is the oldest desert on Earth and has experienced semiarid conditions for roughly the past 150 million years. Nowhere
else in the world will you find epic salt caves, close to vast sand dunes, impressive lagoons, volcanoes, salt flats, and geysers as
well as a wide range of activities for nature and adventure lovers.

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When booking a vacation to Chile, we’ll keep your travel goals in mind. Whether you’re looking to explore the Andean
city of Santiago, sip your way through the wine region of Maipo, or embark on an adventure in Patagonia – browse these
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Best Time To Travel

The most popular season for visiting the Atacama Desert is during the summer months of
December, January, and February. The pleasant day temperatures and warmer nights
make for a wonderful time to explore the desert.

Fall and spring in the Atacama Desert are shoulder seasons accompanied by good temperatures and fewer visitors for
you to enjoy the desert all to yourselves.



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