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From the majestic waves of the Pacific Ocean to Pre-Columbian temples to a city skyline, Lima, Peru is a sophisticated city with a civilization that dates back thousands of years.

Renowned as the “City of Kings,” Lima offers an array of cultural delights, from museums and art galleries to eclectic neighborhoods and top-rated restaurants. Embark on Lima tours during your luxury vacation to fully immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and vibrant atmosphere.

Experience Lima

Lima Gastronomy Experience

With numerous restaurants in the city ranking on the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants, - Lima is leading a culinary revolution both in South America and worldwide. Enjoy a ceviche at Chez Wong or experience the fusion of Nikkei at Maido, for a taste of the city’s delicious and diverse dining options.

Lima Culture Experience

Lima is known for its rich historical and cultural past. Long before the Spaniards arrived, several other cultures including the Chancay, Chincha, Chimú, Ychsma, Collique with highly advanced skills in construction, agriculture, and arts settled the area of today's Lima. Now, the city is filled with UNESCO World Heritage Sites, quirky art galleries, churches and trendy neighborhoods and museums - all worth paying a visit on your luxury tour to Lima.

Lima Adventure Experience

Looking to chase some thrills in the City of Kings? This coastal city has plenty to offer adventure lovers who love activities on Peru’s incredible coastline as well as those looking to try their hand at some unique action-sports. Parasail over the stunning coast in Miraflores or visit Punta Hermosa beach to catch the surf. Adventure enthusiasts can also raft along the mighty Lunahuana river or sandboard and offroad their way through the other-worldly National Park Lomas de Ancón.

Lima Wellness Experience

Rest, reset, recharge - we all live such fast-paced lives that it's essential to take time out of our busy schedules to energize the mind, body, and soul - and there’s no better place to do this than Lima. Indulge in a variety of wellness retreats with unique holistic goals. Whether you are working on improved eating and sleeping patterns, reducing stress and detoxing the body, or reconnecting with your higher self spiritually, there is an experience that will meet your needs.


Signature Peru Itineraries

Our custom-designed itineraries are suited to the needs and
preferences of each traveler, every time.

When booking a luxury Lima Tour, we’ll keep your travel goals in mind – whether you’re looking to experience the biodiversity of the Amazon, eat your way through Lima, or explore the Inca city of Machu Picchu – Peru has something for everyone and our travel designers are eager to craft the perfect trip for your luxury vacation to Peru.


Best Time To Travel

Peru’s capital is considered at its best and most beautiful in summer (December-March)
when the beaches fill up by day and the bars spill out into the streets by night.

Though if you’re headed to Lima as your first stop on a tour to Machu Picchu, you may want to come from June to
August, winter season as this is the driest time to hike to Machu Picchu. Luckily, there are plenty of festivals between
July and October to enjoy in the colder months.

Insider Tips


With on the ground experts proudly born and raised in Peru, the Kuoda team
knows the ins and outs of the country as locals, and the best way to
experience it as travel industry experts.

Visit Lima’s Historic Center

Visit Lima’s Historic Center Not only is the historic center of Lima, or Lima’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it is also the perfect place to experience Peruvian culture both past and present. On foot, visitors can stroll the center’s beautiful squares and the intricately/lavish gold-leaf decorated church interiors and Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical style, admire the imposing mansion houses with their colonial and republican balconies; or see one of the many churches filled with priceless works of art. The Historic Center is also filled with many restaurants and bars offering countless traditional experiences and flavors.Read more


Central Chefs Virgilio Martínez and Pía León’s flagship restaurant, Central, is ranked in the World’s Best 50 Restaurants, and is a celebration of Peruvian cuisine and culture. The menu features ingredients hand selected from each of Peru’s unique landscapes, using history and tradition to inspire how each dish is prepared. Guests will be swept on a journey through time and across ecosystems while enjoying a seasonal tasting menu. Whether you’re craving fresh seafood from the Amazon, or indulgent pork belly from the heart of Peru, Central honors the nation's gastronomy beautifully. Read more

Hotel B - Relais & Châteaux

Hotel B - Relais & Châteaux A cross between modern and classic, Hotel B houses its own unique art collection with over 300 original works of art and installations spread throughout the premises. In-depth curated tours are available for the public. The hotel is adorned with pillars and balconies and topped by an elegant roof terrace with Pacific Ocean views. The Peruvian tapas restaurant band bar serve tapas versions of the city’s most loved dishes and  the bar is known for its variety of gin based cocktails - we suggest the B Gin Fizz. The rooftop is perfect for watching a view of the iconic Pacific coastline during sunset, with a cocktail in hand.Read more


To Discover in Peru

Embark on a journey through Peru’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from the iconic Machu Picchu to the mysterious Nazca Lines. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history and the wonders of nature. Before we begin crafting your perfect custom Peruvian vacation, take a moment to explore some of Peru’s most beloved destinations for inspiration on what to include in your personalized Peru tour.


Puno & Lake Titicaca

Peru’s folkloric capital meets the world’s highest navigable lake; if you travel to Peru, consider living the cultural experince in the islands around Lake Titicaca.


Tambopata Peruvian Rainforest

We welcome you to explore some of the cultural and indigenous treasures and unique wildlife found in the Tambopata National Reserve.


Ica, Nazca & Paracas

Ica is the starting point for many tours to Nazca and Paracas, and has its own attractions: for desert lovers, sandboarding and dune-buggying thrill seekers.


Arequipa & Colca Canyon

With its UNESCO-listed historic center and magnificent volcanic vistas, Arequipa and Colca Canyon is a wonderful stop on a customized Peru tour.


Chachapoyas & Kuelap

During your visit to Chachapoyas, explore the nature, wildlife, and archaeological treasures of Peru’s less-traveled Northern Circuit.


Peru’s Northern Beaches

Enjoy a dazzling beach vacation in Peru’s surf and sun mecca, with its reliable year-round sunshine, pristine coastline, stylish hotels, and burgeoning food scene.


Iquitos & The Amazon River

Iquitos makes an excellent base from which to set off on luxury tours. Amazon luxury cruises are a popular option and most commonly depart from the port of Nauta.


Trujillo & Chiclayo

Peru’s cultural capital, it was the base of the Moche and Chimú civilizations, cultures known for their gold, silver, pottery and architectural creations.


Machu Picchu

New World Wonder Machu Picchu deservedly tops the agenda of most visitors to Peru. Set on a lofty plateau surrounded by the soaring and dipping Andean peaks.



Cusco was the heart of the Inca Empire and is filled with masterfully crafted Inca stone relics. Discover the best of Cusco with a customized tour.


Sacred Valley

Just a one-hour drive from Cusco, shadowed beneath the emerald Andean peaks lies the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Here, you’ll find peaceful villages.



Immerse yourself in the “City of Kings”, Latin America’s culinary capital, which boasts extensive colonial architecture on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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