Enjoy a Dazzling Beach Vacation in Peru’s Surf-and-Sun Mecca

Explore Peru’s Northern Beaches on Your Terms

surf-and-sunWith its dependable year-round sunshine, pristine coastline, stylish hotels, and budding food scenes, Peru’s northern beaches are the perfect Peru travel destination either for some good old-fashioned rest and recuperation, or for an adventure-filled beach getaway – you choose!

In fact, out of all of Peru’s 1,000-kilometer Pacific coastline, the north boasts some of the country’s most stunning-ocean-viewsspectacular beaches and surf. From Trujillo up to Tumbes, take to your beach lounger or catch a swell, fill up on the day’s fresh catch or spend the evening out on the town. Peru’s northern beaches have “Fantastic Peru Beach Holiday” written all over them.

The most popular and best Peru’s northern beaches include: Huanchaco, Mancora, Punta Sal, Cabo Blanco, and Chicama. If you can manage to step away from the stunning ocean views for a moment, northern Peru has a world of pre-Colombian archaeology to explore, from Chan Chan to Sipan and the El Brujo museum.

Things to See & Do in Peru’s Northern Beaches

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