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Explore the Best Beaches in Peru’s Northern Coastline

Experience the allure of Peru’s northern beaches, where dependable year-round sunshine meets pristine coastline and stylish hotels. From relaxation to adventure, these beaches offer the perfect Peru travel destination for those seeking sun, sand, and sea.

Discover Mancora, Punta Sal, Vichayito, Las Pocitas, and more, each offering unique experiences along the beaches in Peru. Whether lounging on the sand or catching a wave, indulging in fresh seafood or exploring vibrant nightlife, Peru’s northern beaches are an essential addition to your luxury vacation itinerary.

Experience Peru’s Northern Beaches

Ceviche with seafood

Seafood enthusiasts will have the time of their lives through the incredible gastronomic experience Peru’s Northern beaches offers. With a magnificent array of fresh, locally-caught seafood, many restaurants offer popular Peruvian dishes such as ceviche as well as the region’s popular sudado stew. Not a huge fish fan? Well no worries, the area also offers many options for meat lovers & vegetarians alike.

historic town cabo blanco mancora

Cabo Blanco is a historic fishing village outside of Mancora. In the 1950s and 60s, A-list celebrities and big-game fishermen flocked to its shores for a chance to catch a “grander,” the nickname for the prevalent 1,000-pound marlins that could be found there. The biggest catch recorded was, and still is, the 1,560-pound black marlin by game fisherman Alfred Glassell, Jr. in 1953.

surf on the perfect holes in Cabo Blanco

Take advantage of Peru's biodiverse marine ecosystem and head to Mancora or Punta Sal for some of the best scuba diving and, if in town during the months of August through October, visit Los Organos for a chance to spot Humpback Whales swimming and leaping out of the water alongside their newborns. Alternatively, grab a surfboard and surf the perfect swells in Cabo Blanco where marlins, Bluefin tuna, and mahi mahi swim.

ballena jorobada jumping acrobatically

For the nature lover, it’s hard to beat the sight of a Humpback Whale acrobatically leaping out of the ocean deep. During the months of August through October, Peru’s northern waters are excellent for whale watching. This is when Humpback Whales enter Peruvian waters to breed and calve. There’s a good chance you’ll even spot one of the newborns swimming along beside its giant mother, likely its very first swim.


Signature Peru Itineraries

Our custom-designed itineraries are suited to the needs and
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When booking a luxury vacation to Peru, we’ll keep your travel goals in mind – whether you’re looking to experience the
biodiversity of the Amazon, eat your way through Lima, or explore the Inca city of Machu Picchu – Peru has something
for everyone and our travel designers are eager to craft the perfect trip for your luxury vacation to Peru.


Best Time To Travel

Truly, Peru’s northern beaches are a year-round destination having pretty consistent
weather all year round and temperatures rarely ever dropping below 77 °F (25 °C).

No matter what time of year you choose to visit, you will have your fun in the sun. If you have a preference for tranquility and fewer crowds, then it is advised to visit between the months of September through November when there are fewer visitors in the area. If you plan on surfing, November is a great month when waves are at their best. The months of December and February are heavily flocked with many tourists making it less desirable for those desiring more solitude. More info

Insider Tips


With on the ground experts proudly born and raised in Peru, the Kuoda team
knows the ins and outs of the country as locals, and the best way to
experience it as travel industry experts.

Surf the Great Waves

Surf the Great Waves Arguably the first place that surfing ever occurred, Peru’s Northern Beaches offer some of the longest waves on the planet and bring in surfers from all around the world. The north coast boasts consistent swells from the Pacific that are sunny nearly year-round. Surf breaks of all kinds are plentiful along Peru’s 1000km coastline. Most famous of them all, Chicama is home to powerful waves up to 1.5 kilometers in length, making them some of the longest waves in the world.

kichic food

Kichic For excellent, high-quality Peruvian food in a beach-front setting, Kichic is the place to go. The ingredients are all locally sourced and organic, and the food is freshly prepared to order. The menu is wide-ranging, with both seafood offerings and vegetarian options that are sure to please everyone. Indulge in a delicious ceviche and a glass of wine as you watch the sunset over the pristine ocean.

Kichic Hotel Boutique

Kichic Hotel Boutique A small exclusive beachfront hotel with unique rooms, all created with local materials and inspired by ancient indigenous building techniques, your stay at Kichic will be unforgettable, to say the least. The resort is located on a beautiful, private beach and has a relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Add to the tranquility by taking one of the daily yoga classes offered in their lovely outdoor studio. In the evening, you can enjoy a romantic sunset with a specially prepared private cinema experience on the beach.


To Discover in Peru

Embark on a journey through Peru’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, from the iconic Machu Picchu to the mysterious Nazca Lines. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history and the wonders of nature. Before we begin crafting your perfect custom Peruvian vacation, take a moment to explore some of Peru’s most beloved destinations for inspiration on what to include in your personalized Peru tour.



Immerse yourself in the “City of Kings”, Latin America’s culinary capital, which boasts extensive colonial architecture on the UNESCO World Heritage List.



Cusco was the heart of the Inca Empire and is filled with masterfully crafted Inca stone relics. Discover the best of Cusco with a customized tour.


Sacred Valley

Just a one-hour drive from Cusco, shadowed beneath the emerald Andean peaks lies the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Here, you’ll find peaceful villages.


Machu Picchu

New World Wonder Machu Picchu deservedly tops the agenda of most visitors to Peru. Set on a lofty plateau surrounded by the soaring and dipping Andean peaks.


Puno & Lake Titicaca

Peru’s folkloric capital meets the world’s highest navigable lake; if you travel to Peru, consider living the cultural experince in the islands around Lake Titicaca.


Tambopata Peruvian Rainforest

We welcome you to explore some of the cultural and indigenous treasures and unique wildlife found in the Tambopata National Reserve.


Ica, Nazca & Paracas

Ica is the starting point for many tours to Nazca and Paracas, and has its own attractions: for desert lovers, sandboarding and dune-buggying thrill seekers.


Arequipa & Colca Canyon

With its UNESCO-listed historic center and magnificent volcanic vistas, Arequipa and Colca Canyon is a wonderful stop on a customized Peru tour.


Chachapoyas & Kuelap

During your visit to Chachapoyas, explore the nature, wildlife, and archaeological treasures of Peru’s less-traveled Northern Circuit.


Trujillo & Chiclayo

Peru’s cultural capital, it was the base of the Moche and Chimú civilizations, cultures known for their gold, silver, pottery and architectural creations.


Iquitos & The Amazon River

Iquitos makes an excellent base from which to set off on luxury tours. Amazon luxury cruises are a popular option and most commonly depart from the port of Nauta.


Peru’s Northern Beaches

Enjoy a dazzling beach vacation in Peru’s surf and sun mecca, with its reliable year-round sunshine, pristine coastline, stylish hotels, and burgeoning food scene.


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