Peru Adventure Tour

11 Days / 10 Nights
Lima – The Sacred Valley – The Inca Trail – Machu Picchu – Cusco – Lima – Nazca – Paracas

Regal mountains loom over a fertile valley that follows an ancient river, waters of which whisper colorful stories of Inca glory and downfall when you get close enough to really listen. Farther west lie enigmatic lines that have withstood the test of over 2,000 years, holding the shape of familiar animals and the ever-posing question: How? How was this feat possible with such limited technology? Action and adventure naturally formed part of daily life of past cultures like the Incas and Nazca who navigated stark landscapes with limited gadgets and plenty of ingenuity. With this sample exploration of Peru, which offers an uncommon blend of adventure and luxury, you too will be able to experience Peru from a multitude of vantage points and receive a steady dose of adrenaline as you go! Uncover your hidden Indiana Jones on this action-packed, custom Peru adventure tour.

  • Fly over the southern coastal desert to personally witness a coveted national treasure and international unsolved mystery from above: The Nazca Lines.
  • Whiz through rolling sand dunes near Ica’s Huacachina oasis on a motorized buggy, and try your hand at navigating the dunes on your own sandboard.
  • Come up close and personal with Peru’s famous camelid family of alpacas, llamas, guanacos, and the ever-elusive vicuña.
  • Meet some new four-legged friends as you horseback your way to experience Cusco from a slightly higher vantage point.
  • Arrive at the impressive terraced salt flats of Maras by bike, where local residents will welcome you in for a hearty meal and well-deserved re-fueling.
  • Travel by ATV through mountainous terrain and local farming communities. Follow a path that will eventually lead you to the famed ruins of Inca Huayna Capac’s palace and a refreshing glass of the traditional maize beer called chicha de jora.
  • Scale 400 meters up the jagged rock face on what is known as the Via Ferrata, to arrive to your not-so-typical accommodation at the Sky Lodge capsules clinging to the cliff; sleep as the condors do, becoming one with the stars and the sky.
  • Zip line down from the Sky Lodge to engage with a local weaving community and paddle board into the sunset on Piuray Lake.
  • Spend a day on the coveted Inca Trail which will take you through the mysterious cloud forest, home to regal orchids, leading you straight to the Incan masterpiece of Machu Picchu whose beauty, elegance, purpose, and engineering has confounded historians for decades.
  • Experience the mighty force of the Vilcanota River as class II-IV rapids carry your raft through the breathtaking scenery of Cusco’s southern valley.


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    Arrive at your hotel in Lima after your international flight to Peru!
    When your international flight arrives in Lima, look for your Kuoda host holding a sign with your name on it! We know you’ll most likely be a little tired after your long flight, so we’ll save you the stress of trying to navigate and bring you straight to your hotel adjacent to the airport where you can shake off that icky flight feeling with a shower and a sleep. Relax into the evening and enjoy a good night’s rest before your flight to Cusco in the morning!
    Lima Adcenture Peru Travel
    Fly to Cusco and make your way to the famous ruins and terraces of Pisac, hike down to the market from there!

    Fill up with a complimentary buffet breakfast in the hotel before catching your morning flight to Cusco. The flight time between the two cities is welcomingly short (less than an hour and a half). The views from the plane window – the desert coast at first before the needle-like peaks of the Andes come into view – are a great distraction to pass the time. We will be waiting for you when touch down at our Andean airport and will bring you to the historic city center of Cusco for a delicious early lunch.

    Then, before you can feel the altitude, we’ll whisk you into the Sacred Valley. Just an hour outside of Cusco, true Peruvian countryside will stretch away on either side of you, cows and sheep grazing tranquilly road-side. Impossibly steep peaks rise in the distance. Your journey will take you to the ruins nestled in the mountains above the pueblo of Pisac, where you’ll learn about Incan agricultural practices cultivating corn and potatoes. From here, you’ll be able to see the verdant farmland where the Incas once cultivated their crops and where modern-day Quechua people continue to farm.

    From here, you’ll descend on a leisurely hike through terraces and breathtaking scenery to the vibrant market in Pisac’s main square – where you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with locals as you survey the artisan offerings of the market. Vegetables, textiles and silver jewelry are just some of the items that are sold here. Later, return to the hotel of your choice.

    Pisac Market - Sacred Valley
    Recharge with some adrenaline on an ATV ride through the Valley, and climb the Via Ferrata to one of the most unique lodges in the world!

    Today’s journey through the Sacred Valley of the Incas will start with an ATV adventure, taking you at high speeds through rural paths and agricultural lands. Once you’ve got the lay of the land from a high-speed vehicle on firm ground, it’s time to head into the air!

    Enjoy a fresh, gourmet lunch, and receive a safety briefing on the harnesses and helmets that will become like your second skin tonight. Masterfully climb your way up what seems like sheer cliff face, using steel rungs as your guide. After a 400m ascent you’ll arrive to your one-of-a-kind luxury hotel for the evening – a glass pod dangling off the cliff face, providing 300-degree views of the Sacred Valley below you!

    Although it may surprise some, be prepared for a well-earned and truly gourmet meal, enjoyed with a fine glass of red wine and the best possible scenery. Marvel at the thousands of stars visible above you – you might even call this a thousand-star hotel – and tuck yourself in to your comfy bed complete with a real mattress and cozy down comforter.

    Sky Lodge Experience Sacred Valley
    Zip back down to earth this morning, and spend the afternoon riding the famous Peruvian Paso horse through the Sacred Valley.

    Wake up to one of the best views ever and look around you – did you forget you slept hundreds of meters in the air in a capsule bolted to a cliff? Enjoy an al fresco breakfast and get ready to zip back down the mountain.

    Through six zip lines criss-crossing the path you took yesterday to arrive to your one-of-a-kind suite, you’ll return to the valley floor. Bid your harness and helmet farewell and return to your hotel for a scrumptious lunch. Then, we’re off again! Commune with a four-legged friend and experience the smoothest gait of any horse worldwide – that of the Peruvian Paso Fino horse. Trot through the countryside and return in time for an evening at leisure in the Sacred Valley.

    Zip line in Sacred Valley
    Hike in the footprints of the Incas on their famous trail to the Machu Picchu Citadel!

    Today, prepare to walk in the footsteps of the Inca and arrive proudly on-foot to Machu Picchu! We’ll collect you from your hotel bright and early this morning and drive through the picturesque Sacred Valley to the train station in Ollantaytambo, where we’ll board the Vistadome train.

    You and your guide will disembark the train at the Inca Trail trailhead found at Kilometer 104, and from here you will walk the lovely uphill path to the ruins of Wiñaywayna. As you walk, your guide will point out orchids and other jungle plants, the Urubamba River will rush below you, and you’ll marvel at the Inca’s strength and ingenuity. When you reach the ruins of Wiñaywayna, you’ll rest up, explore, and enjoy a delicious al fresco lunch. Then you’ll hit the trail once again! A walk of approximately two hours brings you to Inti Punku, the famous Sun Gate.

    You’ll approach this stone construction up one last flight of stairs, catch your breath, and then lose it again as you see Machu Picchu, nestled and hidden between steep peaks below you.

    Descend triumphantly over ancient paving stones to the lost citadel, and relish in the audacity of a construction of this caliber in this stunning location before catching the bus to Aguas Calientes and checking in to your hotel. Your guide will then leave you to rest, refresh, and enjoy a delicious and well-earned dinner on-site.

    Honeymoon in Machu Picchu
    Hike one of the coveted, limited-entry hikes, Huayna Picchu!

    Today you have the option to hike two different trails – Huayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain, so it’s completely up to you on how you would like to culminate your Machu Picchu luxury tour. Feeling adventurous? Consider hiking the steep slope of neighboring Huayna Picchu, which offers unrivalled views over Machu Picchu. Please note that only a limited amount of hikers are allowed to climb Huayna Picchu each day and tickets will need to be purchased in advance along with your Machu Picchu entrance.

    In the afternoon, reconvene in Aguas Calientes and board the return train to Ollantaytambo. Your Kuoda host will meet you at the station and bring you to your hotel for a well-deserved good night’s rest.

    Huayna Picchu Peru
    Explore Cusco’s surrounding hills by mountain bike, and explore its hidden cobblestone streets on a private tour.

    This morning it’s off to explore the hills surrounding Cusco via mountain bike! Strap on your helmet and it’s off we go, through the greater Sacsayhuaman National Park. Keep an eye out for unmarked and seldom-visited Incan ruins!

    After lunch on your own, continue your journey through Cusco – a gorgeous city that wins the heart of most every traveler that passes through it. Wander through the pretty streets in the company of your guide who will help illuminate the history of this amazing place. As you explore the city’s sights, Qoricancha and the Santo Domingo monastery (a colonial structure built on top of the ancient Inca temple of the sun), Cusco’s striking cultural blend will soon become apparent. Roam the atmospheric streets of the bohemian neighborhood of San Blas, which is known for its free-spirited scene; see where the locals make their grocery runs at the open-air San Pedro market and pass the famous 12-angled stone, whose image appears on the bottle of the local Cusqueña beer.

    Cusco experience travel
    Navigate Peru’s white-water in the Southern Valley on the Upper Urubamba River

    Wake up with a gleam in your eye, for a day of adventure lies ahead! After breakfast, your private driver will meet you at your hotel and whisk you over the hills surrounding Cusco into the beautiful purple countryside beyond. You’ll pass fields with grazing cows and sheep, tended by women in full skirts and traditional braids, adobe houses and colonial churches. Enjoy the feeling of freedom in the country air!

    After ninety minutes, you’ll arrive in the small town of Chuquiqahuana where you will receive a safety briefing with procedures for the start of your adventure at the Upper Urubamba River. Here, you will work together to prepare the equipment and inflate the rafts before gearing up and climbing in.

    And then it’s in to the water! You’ll spend three hours negotiating the river as a team and taking in the stunning scenery – dry mountains, green fields, small farmsteads, and incredibly big blue sky. You’ll even take on class III and class IV rapids, so prepare to get a little wet!

    When you disembark, relish an al fresco lunch and then relax as we drive you back to your hotel in Cusco for an evening at leisure.

    Rafting Cusco
    Return to “The City of Kings” for an afternoon of paragliding and or time at your leisure.

    This morning, you can continue your exploration of the city of Cusco, or have a lie-in and enjoy the comforts of your hotel! At the appropriate time mid-day, we will bring you to the Cusco airport for your return flight to Lima. Your Kuoda Lima host will meet you upon arrival and bring you a Miraflores Pier, where your instructor will give you a safety briefing for your tandem paragliding tour! (Weather permitting)

    Take a running leap of faith (together with your harnessed guide, of course) and it’s into the air! Enjoy the spectacular views over the ocean and the seaside district of Miraflores. You will see the parks and surfers and you will be able to overlook one of Lima’s most popular neighborhoods. Upon completion of your flight, you’ll have some free time to explore at leisure and grab a bite to eat.

    Paragliding in Lima
    Soar over a 2,000 year-old mystery and surf the sand dunes of Huacachina

    After you’ve finished an invigorating breakfast, your guide and private driver will meet you at your hotel. Then, it’s through the arid but beautiful countryside by car! After approximately four hours you will reach Ica, where you will board the small plane ready to take you soaring over the Nazca Lines.

    Created by the Nazca people between 400 and 650AD, the purpose of these massive earthworks is still shrouded in mystery. Experts suspect they were related to Nazca cosmology and religious worship, but you can form your own hypothesis as you fly above them! You’ll touch back down after approximately 90 minutes, enjoy a box lunch, and make your way to the iconic oasis of Huacachina.

    This oasis – crystal clear water and palm trees surrounded by sand as far as the eyes can see – is home to some of the best dune buggy adventures in the world. Grab your sunglasses and strap in for a wild ride! Cruise over the dunes and partake in a sand-boarding lesson (make sure to keep your mouth closed – we speak from experience!) before pausing to watch the sun set over the expanse of dunes.

    Return to the Oasis where your private vehicle will be waiting to bring you to your hotel in Paracas, approximately 40 minutes away.

    Huacachina Adventure Travel
    Commune with Peru’s “Mini-Galapagos,” visit the breathtaking Paracas National Reserve, and fly home!

    Savor your final adventure this morning. You have a date with Peru’s coastal wildlife: we’ll meet you in the hotel lobby and then bring you to the Paracas Peninsula harbor. We’ll board a speedboat and enjoy a scenic ride through an area often called the “Galapagos of Peru”. Here, the cold plankton-rich Humboldt Current meet warmer tropical waters, creating ideal feeding grounds for a host of wildlife: pelicans, flamingoes, Inca terns, sea lions, penguins, hammerhead sharks and even whales! As we speed toward the islands, you’ll see the mysterious ancient earthwork – the Candelabro.

    Your guide will expand on the various theories about its creation and meaning, although no one has yet convincingly illuminated its past. You’ll touch back down after 35 minutes and make your way back to your private car, where you will enjoy a relaxing drive back to the capital.

    At the appropriate time, we will bring you to the airport for your journey home. Your host will help you to check-in to your international flight and wish you buen viaje!

    Like the sound of this Peru Adventure private tour? Get in touch with Kuoda and we’ll start crafting your very own customized private travel experience to Peru!

    Ballestas island Paracas Peru
    • Personalized itinerary planning
    • A Kuoda host to assist you in every location
    • The majority of meals in the itinerary
    • Daily activities and excursions as indicated in the itinerary
    • International flights to and from your home country
    • Travel insurance
    • Meals not specified
    • All gratuities
    An exemplary way for any adventure seeking traveler to experience the best of the region! This sample itinerary is just the way for you to get inspired.
    • Our staff handpicks the best hotels to ensure you get ultimate comfort and character during your stay.
    • Talk with your Kuoda Travel expert to help find the right hotels for you during your personalized luxury tour.

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