Lord of Sipan

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Often compared to Egypt’s King Tutankhamen, the Lord of Sipan is arguably the greatest archaeological discovery of the Americas.

The story behind its unearthing is one full of intrigue and suspense. In 1987, word leaked that grave looters had happened upon some pre-Hispanic treasures at the Huaca Rajada archaeological site near the village of Sipan. Officials set out to investigate where the goods were coming from and found a tomb, which contained the ancient king of the Moche people, and his entourage. Two of the males buried in the tomb had had their feet removed and though archaeologists aren’t certain why, some speculate that it was to prevent these guardians from abandoning Sipan in the afterlife.

The tomb didn’t just contain mummified remains, but also a wealth of prized objects, including jewelry and adornments made from gold, silver, copper and semi-precious stones. In total, more than 450 ceremonial items were found.

To see the amazing discoveries for yourself, head to the Royal Tombs Museum of Sipan in Lambayeque, which houses a jaw-dropping display of elaborate gold and silver decorative items created by the Moche. A visit to this museum will set your imagination into overdrive as you ponder the practices of these mysterious, ancient people.

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