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From its high Andean source to its mouth in eastern Brazil, this famed river carries more water than the Nile, Mississippi and Yangtze combined. Taking a riverboat excursion here isn’t a typical cruise: you’ll share the nutrient-rich waterways with countless weird and wonderful species, stop for jungle excursions and re-board to witness incredible sunsets from the deck.

While the terrain around you may be somewhat hostile, the luxurious cruise ship will be a place of comfort and refuge. Four luxury liners operate cruises here. You might choose to travel on the MV Aqua, whose 12 deluxe suites are outfitted with picture windows (blackout enhanced for maximum privacy). Or perhaps you’ll step aboard the MV Aria, a 16-suite vessel with floor-to-ceiling blackout windows and a viewing-deck Jacuzzi. The 14-suite Delfin I or the four-suite Delfin II are both also great options, with private patios and cold-water spas for refreshing soaks post steamy jungle explorations.

No matter what ship brings you on your Amazon luxury cruise, you’ll also take shorter day excursions on smaller crafts, which will glide through the narrow tributaries that branch off from the main river. You’ll have the chance to spot frolicking pink river dolphins, brightly plumaged birds and other jungle inhabitants.

Back on board, you’ll be fed delicious dishes, built around natural and local ingredients, and prepared by highly trained chefs. Come evening, indulge in refreshing fresh juice-mixed drinks on the observation deck beneath the vast, star-specked Amazonian sky.

An Amazon luxury cruise is a truly unique experience – part indulgent cruise, part intrepid adventure – and an incredible way to witness the immense diversity of the Peruvian Amazon.

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