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Spotting birds in the Peruvian Amazon is like shooting Bluefin tuna in a barrel; there is a very high chance you’ll find your target. Peru is counted among the top three most diverse countries for birds on the planet, containing 1,760 avian species. Approximately 1,300 of these species flit around the Peruvian Amazon, making this region a true birder’s paradise. And that’s just the ones that have been counted; new types continue to be discovered almost every year.

Kuoda can organize Amazon private tours to the Allpahuayo-Mishana Reserve, where rare white-sand forest habitats shelter some of the region’s newly discovered species. Among the stars of the show here are the Allpahuayo antbird, ancient antwren, Mishana tyrannulet and the Iquitos gnatcatcher, which were – as recently as 17 years ago – all unknown to science.

Other noteworthy characters you may be able to spot fluttering around the canopy include the hoatzin, a primeval-looking bird with a punk rock hairdo that consumes venomous plants; the harpy eagle, a huge rainforest raptor capable of taking down sloths and monkeys; and if you’re extremely lucky, the critically endangered wattled curassow, which is already extinct in some regions.

One of the best ways to observe the feathered occupants of the Peruvian Amazon is via a boat trip along the river. As you traverse glide silently along the narrow, remote tributaries, such as those of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, be on alert for flamboyant species hanging around the shoreline and in the trees. For close-up views of their showy plumes, bring along binoculars.

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