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Peru without Pisco is like Scotland without Scotch. To come here and not sample this much-loved drink would be a travesty. It is here in Ica that most of the nation’s pisco is produced, as well as most of its red wine. In fact, the Ica region is home to more than 200 distilleries.

Pisco is a strong grape-based spirit that’s aromatic and slightly sweet to the taste. Visit one of the pisco producers in Ica and you’ll see that they use copper pot stills, as opposed to the continuous stills favored by most global vodka producers, as well as traditional wine presses and earthen casks, known as botijas. Have Kuoda arrange a private winery tour of Ica too, during which you’ll have the chance to sniff, swirl and sip your way through some of the county’s finest reds.

If you’re planning your Peru luxury tour for March, you’ll have the chance to try your hand (or should that be feet?) at grape stomping as well as the opportunity to taste all kinds of wine and pisco during the weeklong celebrations of the Festival Internacional de la Vendimia (International Harvest Festival). The festivities, which have been taking place annually since 1958, include dancing, parades, live music and the coronation of the Queen of the Harvest, who traditionally tours the distilleries and tosses grape bunches out to the crowd.

Whether you are a casual wine drinker or a full-blown oenophile, a personalized tour of Peru’s premier wine region is sure to be a highlight of your trip. Contact us today and get your free Peru trip quote.  At Kuoda Travel, all trips are custom and personally designed for you by one of our travel experts.

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