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Attractions & Activities In Arequipa & Colca Canyon


Only a handful of Latin American cities have as esteemed an architectural reputation as Arequipa. It has a clutch of pretty colonial buildings and flower-filled courtyards, all contained within its historic center. This UNESCO-listed quarter encompasses 49 blocks from the original Spanish city as well as a further 24 blocks with colonial constructions.

Those with a keen eye for architecture will notice the presence of several distinct styles, reflecting the changing tastes of each era. Also of note is the dominance of sillar, a pale volcanic rock which was, thanks to its earthquake-resisting qualities and sparkling hue, an extremely common choice of building material. In fact, it is so prevalent here that it has inspired the Arequipa’s “White City” moniker.

If you’re curious about the unique archaeological heritage of Arequipa, we can arrange for you to explore it on a private tour, with an expert guide to lead the way. Otherwise, you may choose to wander independently and simply admire the handsome chapels, churches and archways of the main plaza, which look all-the-more attractive against the backdrop of the El Misti and Chanchani volcanoes.

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