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Attractions & Activities In The Uyuni Salt Flats


Though most photographs show the Salt Flats of Uyuni as empty and seemingly devoid of life, this is far from the truth. Just a little exploring during a Uyuni Salt Flats private tour will prove otherwise. The flats are a popular breeding ground for three different flamingo species: the Andean, Chilean and rare James’s flamingo. They come here in their thousands every November to hatch and rear their chicks. Notice how the adults among the group are pink in color, yet the juveniles are gray. This is because they have yet to consume the algae that holds the nutrients that will turn their plumage pink. Other birds flapping about the Salar de Uyuni include the horned coot, the Andean goose and the high-altitude Andean hillstar, a dainty hummingbird identifiable by its emerald green-flecked neck.

Also present on the flats are the vizcachas, a type of chinchilla. Though they are technically a member of the rodent family, don’t let that put you off; these cute little creatures actually bear a striking resemblance to rabbits, but with a fluffy tail. The Andean fox also roams freely here.

If you are keen to see the flamingos, arrange your Bolivia private tour for November, December or January. This is when the elegant rose-colored creatures are most commonly spotted at the salt flats.

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