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Bolivia’s capital, Sucre, is also known as “La Ciudad de Cuatro Nombres” (the City of Four Names). It was originally called Charcas by the indigenous inhabitants, and was re-christened La Plata by the Spanish. In the 18th century, the Spanish changed it to Chuquisaca to avoid confusion with the newly created viceroyalty of Río de La Plata in Buenos Aires. In 1825, 16 years after Bolivia gained independence, it was once again renamed, this time after revolutionary hero General Juan Antonio de Sucre.

bolivia-sucre-description-01During your private Bolivia tour with Kuoda, you can stay here and spend some time admiring its well-preserved downtown area, where an assemblage of beautiful whitewashed buildings recall its colonial past. A selection of excellent accommodations are perfect for comfort-seeking travelers who want to experience luxury travel in Bolivia.

Staying in town will put you within reach of numerous small village settlements in the surrounding hills, where indigenous groups sport unique native garb, which signifies not just their cultural identity but also the town or region they hail from. You may also want to visit the well-known village of Tarabuco during your private Bolivia holiday. This town is famous for hosting the Pujllay festival in March, a two-day fiesta featuring dancers and musicians.

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ico-sucre-unesco UNESCO

ico-sucre-constitutional-capital Constitutional Capital

ico-sucre-casa-de-la-libertad Casa de la Libertad

ico-sucre-beautiful-city Beautiful City

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