Why You Should Plan Your Next Group Vacation To Colombia

Why You Should Plan Your Next Group Vacation To Colombia

Searching for the perfect destination to visit with a group of globe trotters can be difficult. Accommodating everyone’s unique passions and travel goals might feel like a challenge in some countries. How do you satisfy nature lovers, city goers, and culture seekers all in one trip? Allow us to tell you why a group vacation to Colombia is the perfect solution!

With lush national parks, bustling urban centers, Caribbean coastlines, and more, Colombia is the perfect vacation destination for a group looking to indulge in a luxury trip to South America! We’ve broken out the best experiences for every kind of traveler, so each person in your group can be assured there is something to love in this one-of-a-kind country.

Impeccable Outdoor Adventures For The Nature-Lover

Caño Cristales Colombia Group Vacation

Colombia is a confirmed “megadiverse” country, which simply means that the ecosystems here are rich, individual, and distinctive. Along the northernmost part of the country, one can access the Pacific Ocean as well as the Caribbean Sea. Beaches stretched across the coastlines’ neighbor snow-capped Andean mountains and dense, Amazonian rainforests to the south. Savannas and deserts offer more unique postcard views, so no matter what kind of adventure the outdoor-explorers friends or family love, your group vacation to Colombia is bound to be full of wonders to explore!

Out of the 51 national parks throughout the country, one of the most unique is Serranía de la Macarena. Here, the Amazon clashes up against the Andes, creating a strange meeting point where rainforest, savanna, shrubland, and dry forest all intertwine. Gigantic waterfalls connect large rivers flowing throughout the park and have been enjoyed by travelers as refreshing swimming spots after a warm, tropical hike. While you are here, do not miss out on seeing the colorful Caño Cristales – a liquid rainbow that flows throughout the region, a picturesque natural wonder that any traveler in your group will enjoy.

If the adventurer in your group is looking for greater thrills, Colombia has plenty to offer. Kite-surfing, bungee jumping, rock climbing – the options are truly endless if you crave an adrenaline filled excursion. Among the most exhilarating is a motorcycle tour, riding through the most breathtaking scenery with local, professional guides. As you traverse paved and unpaved roads, you will get an up close look at some of Colombia’s stunning landscapes. Racing through the streets and across the hills is possible for every skill level – whether you want a beginners course or a multi-day excursion throughout the most treacherous regions.. For an unforgettable adventure in the natural elements, a moto tour is one can’t miss experience for the whole travel party!

Delectable Gastronomy For The Culinary Connoisseur

Delectable Gastronomy For The Culinary Connoisseur

Everyone loves to eat, but some people take food extra seriously, traveling the world in search of the most delicious dishes. Colombia serves a variety of cuisine in every city, from original creations that come from indigenous communities to globally inspired recipes influenced by Spain, France, Italy, Peru, Argentina, and beyond. For the perfect group vacation to Colombia, be sure to treat yourself (and your foodie friend) to a feast of South American delicacies.

Head off the beaten path in Bogota and discover one of Colombia’s best farmers markets: Paloquemao. Immerse yourself in a truly local experience as you wander around the maze of bright colors and unique flavors, with fresh produce and locally prepared goods. On the outskirts of the market is where you’ll find the handmade, authentic dishes typical in Colombian diets such as arepas, ajiaco, and lechona tolimense – a typical pork dish perfected with crispy skin, flavorful veggies and fluffy rice. For something light and fresh, enjoy one of the hand pressed juices made with native fruits and veggies! Some popular, sweet ingredients to look out for are the Guanabana or Lulo.

Tour Bogota For A Walk Through History For The Studious Traveler

Bogota For A Walk Through History

Functioning as a gateway to the rest of the country, Bogota is a popular destination that nearly everyone who visits Colombia will walk through. But it is an especially exceptional city if your group has any history buffs, with original cobblestone streets and colonial architecture, as well as a fine assortment of museums to learn more about the country’s origins.

Museo del Oro is one of Colombia’s most notable history experiences, and among South America’s top museum attractions. Translated as the Gold Museum, the building contains over 55,000 pieces of gold and other important goods from pre-Hispanic Colombian communities. The large collection is broken up thematically across three floors, whether the pieces tell a story or display the findings of a specific region. Each relic offers insight into various ancient cultures, with two very special pieces to keep an eye out for – the Poporo Quimbaya and the Balsa Musica. The Poporo Quimbaya is a centuries-old container used in religious ceremonies that date back to 300 A.D., which now functions as a national symbol, stamped onto Colombian currency. Another unique artifact worth seeing up close is the Balsa Muisca, which some may recognize from the legend of El Dorado. The figure depicts a model of Hombre Dorado, AKA the Golden Man, standing tall on a raft, coated in golden dust, which is said to be the exact image of the legendary tribal chief just before he was submerged in Lake Guatavita.

Luxuriate On Cartagena’s Caribbean Beaches With The Relaxed Traveler

Luxuriate On Cartagena’s Caribbean Beaches

Indulging in the bliss of doing nothing may not be for every traveler, but taking a few days to rest on the beaches of Cartagena is something the entire group will enjoy. Once you see this city, you will understand why it is one of the most popular destinations across the Americas. Located in the heart of Colombia’s Caribbean coast, the sunny, sandy beaches offer any traveler who just wants to unwind and get a tan the perfect place to do so.

When your group is ready to pack up and head back from your beach day, the rest of Cartagena has plenty to offer, with a vibrant community waiting to entertain you in the evenings! Diverse gastronomy options, exuberant nightlife, and charming streets allow you to wander the city at ease while still finding exciting new opportunities throughout this historic beach town!

Even the most diverse group of travelers can customize the perfect group vacation to Colombia that meets every need and satisfies every type of bucket list. Our travel experts can help guide your group to an ideal combination of luxurious and adventurous activities to enjoy while visiting the gateway to South America!

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