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luxury travel bogota architectureColombia’s capital city is developing a new reputation as one of Latin America’s most exciting and diverse cities. Full of friendly locals, an emerging culinary scene, fantastic museums, and interesting neighborhoods, travelers who come here are in for a wonderful time.First, let’s talk museums. You can visit Bogotás Museo del Oro, or Gold Museum, which is arguably the most famous museum in Bogotá, and likely all of Colombia. This museum is home to more than 55,000 gold artifacts, which is the biggest display of gold artifacts in the world, the majority of which were found in Colombia itself. You can also visit the Museo de Botero, home to Fernando Botero’s unique works, which depict animals and people with large, round, even fat features.

Close to these museums, you’ll find La Candelaria, Bogotás most historic and lovely neighborhood. With its wooden balconies overlooking the streets and doorways painted in bold colors, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time to the colonial era.

One thing that you are sure to notice as you travel through this city is the incredible street art adorning the walls. In recent years, laws against graffiti in Colombia have relaxed, which has encouraged talented street artists, both locally from Colombia, and internationally. There are projects and exhibitions all over the city which promote urban and contemporary art. One of the best ways to appreciate the street art of Bogotá is with a guided tour, which can provide expert insight, and show some of the best murals in the city.

If you enjoyed the Gold Museum, you will also need to visit the Lake of Guatavita, which is the site of the legend of El Dorado, and holds a special place in Colombia’s history. This lake is where many of the artifacts from the Museo de Oro were discovered, including the Muisca raft. The Lake of Guatavita is outside the city, easily accessible by your private transport.

These are just a few of the items you can visit in Bolivia’s vibrant capital. Ask about adding a few days in Bogotá, exploring its museums, beautiful and interesting neighborhoods, as well as experiencing nature and legends outside the city.

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