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luxury travel to Colombia MedellinMedellín, also known as The City of Eternal Springtime due to its perfect weather all year long, was long considered too dangerous to visit. A lot has changed since the 1990s, however, and this lovely city has become an incredibly popular destination, with great attractions and friendly people, making Medellín a must for any trip through Colombia!

While you are wandering through the streets, make your way to the ‘old quarter’ of the city to visit the Plaza Botero. Fernando Botero Angulo is a world-renowned sculptor, hailing from Medellín. Known for his larger than life statues, many of his works are on display in this plaza. You can also visit the nearby Museo de Antioquia, which has many of his paintings on display, as well as works from many other artists from Latin America!

Another way to see the city is with a ride on the metrocable, an impressive way to get from the bustling city to the more tranquil residential areas up on the hillside. From here you can also visit the Parque Arvi, which is a quiet nature reserve among the hills above Medellín.

Another oasis among the busy city is the Juaqupin Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden, home to a vast array of flora and fauna. You can sit and admire the nature, or wander the paths, and visit the lovely butterfly house. This is the perfect place to catch your breath while you are traveling.

And if you want to get out of the city for a bit, you can visit Guatapé, about two hours out of town. Here you can admire their lovely colored houses and immerse yourself in the natural beauty. The main attraction of Guatapé would be El Peñol, which is a tall rock that towers over the surrounding area. It takes 600 steps of a steep climb to get to the top, however the views of the lakes and hills below make it more than worth the effort.

So whether you are looking for art, museums, nature, or to get out of town for a bit, Medellín offers a bit of everything, and is a great way to spend a few days during your exciting trip through Colombia!

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