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travel to colombia coffee axisThe Coffee Triangle, also known as the ‘Eje Cafetero’ locally, is a region in Colombia, on the western end of the Andes Mountains, that is famous for producing excellent coffee. The hot and rainy climate and rich volcanic soil here are ideal for growing coffee, and the steep valleys make much of the area difficult to reach. As more people learn about the stunning scenery, historic architecture, and coffee here, more people visit this magical place.

The three points of the coffee ‘triangle’ refer to three departments in the region – Caldas, Quindio, and Risaralda. Coffee in Colombia was first produced in the east, however in the mid nineteenth century, it was brought to Caldas where it took off as one of the most successful and profitable crops for local farmers. This success soon spread to the neighboring departments of Quindio and Risaralda, and nowadays, the majority of Colombian coffee comes from this area.

This area has long been a popular destination for Colombians to visit because of its beautiful mountain scenery and tranquil atmosphere. People from outside of Colombia’s borders have started to discover the coffee region as a destination as well, also enjoying the charming architecture.

Because of the terrain here, it is also growing in popularity for outdoor activities like rafting and kayaking on the rivers in the area. The steep-sided valleys also attracts hikers, as these paths offer phenomenal views that make the hikes well worth the effort.

You can also visit the Coffee National Park, which is divided into two sections – an area with the coffee museum, traditional coffee buildings, and a theater show exploring the history of coffee, and then a theme park on the other side, complete with amusement park rides. The two sides are divided by a walkway made up of a coffee garden and bamboo forest.

The coffee region of Colombia is definitely a must-see for anyone traveling through Colombia who loves coffee. Talk to us today about adding this lovely area to your personalized trip through Colombia!

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