Charles Darwin Research Center

Attractions & Activities In The Galapagos Islands


Named after the great naturalist who developed his earth-shaking theory here, the Charles Darwin Research Station was set-up to as a research center where scientists could investigate and develop programs to protect the Galapagos Islands. For tourists, the station is a great place to learn about the islands’ wildlife programs and to meet some of the scientists working to preserve the abundant species of fauna on the Galapagos. Exhibits document the islands’ history, geology, climate and nature, while experts hang about to answer questions from visitors.

Also near the station is a tortoise-rearing house, where hatchlings and juvenile tortoises are raised, with the goal of reintegrating them back into their natural habitat, usually when they reach the age of four. This program has been one of the station’s biggest success stories; so far, more than 2,000 tortoises have been repatriated, helping to repopulate the shelled community.

Visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station is a great way to deepen your understanding of the Galapagos animal inhabitants.

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