Condor Park

Attractions & Activities In Otavalo Market


Founded by Dutchman Josep Hendriks, this bird rescue center is one of Otavalo’s must-see attractions. The feathered inhabitants who live here are wounded and therefore too vulnerable to live in the wild, or were seized from illegal pet owners.

Visitors will find themselves face to face with all kinds of interesting species, including huge harpy eagles (whose wingspan often measures in excess of six feet), black-chested buzzard eagles, black and chestnut eagles as well as a number of falcons and owls. But despite this array of feathered show-stoppers, there is one particular species in the rescue center that steals the limelight: the Andean condor. These endangered creatures are the largest flying bird species on Earth.

Time your visit right and you might just get to see owner Josep putting on a demonstration when weather permits. Visitors watch on from seats in an amphitheater as birds of all shapes and sizes, from the largest raptors to the smallest falcons, take-off and land on Josef’s outstretched arm at his command.

For nature-lovers and those on Ecuador family trips, the Condor Park is spellbinding.

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