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Attractions & Activities In Machu Picchu


Machu Picchu, an ancient citadel set among the clouds and built by the Inca Emperor Pachacutec in the 15th century, is the ultimate bucket-list destination for travelers looking for a unique experience.

This captivating city, “lost” for centuries before being “rediscovered” in 1911, is located in the Urubamba province of the Cusco region of Peru. The enigmatic ruins still lure in legions of tourists who come to marvel at its seemingly improbable setting, high up on a cloud-swirled plateau amid an audience of Andean peaks. It is not only Peru’s most-visited tourist destination but is also the most-visited site in South America as a whole, with around one million people making the journey here every year. In 2007, Machu Picchu earned a spot among the New Seven Wonders of the World after a public vote.

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