How To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip To Tigre Delta

How to make the most out of your trip to Tigre Delta

Tigre is an independent city in Argentina located 30 kilometers west from Buenos Aires.  It is a lively, riverside city with rowing clubs, craft shops, markets, and is also the point of entry to the Paraná Delta. The river delta of “Rio de la Plata” boasts many networks of islands and canals, and is characterized by its winding water channels over an enlarged area.

Tigre Delta is an easy add-on to your Argentinian trip, especially if you are planning to spend some time in Buenos Aires. There are different ways to reach Tigre Delta, which gives you no excuse to give it a miss. Taking a train promises special adventure which takes about one hour. Renting a private car is another option, seeing as the road to Tigre Delta is well-paved and safe for tourists. The last option, of course, is having a private driver or a taxi.

Buenos Aires already gives you many reasons to travel to Argentina, but for those who are seeking something different and off the typical “tourist track”, Tigre Delta is a definite “must”. Seeing as it is so close to the capital, it can easily be done in one day, or treat yourself to a weekend to really indulge in the city’s unique charm. We at Kuoda have summarized a few highlights that this riverside gateway has to offer. Keep reading to learn more.

Cruise Down the Tigre Delta

Tigre Delta

The highlight of this riverside city is the Paraná Delta. This is the fifth biggest delta in the world, and it also happens to be the only one that flows into fresh water instead of into the sea.  It is a mesmerizing site, and the best way to immerse yourself into the Tigre Delta, is by boat.

There are a few ways to make this happen – you may feel like cruising on the local ferry that is generally used by islanders, or you may prefer a more luxurious catamaran tour which promises an authentic and memorable experience.

Whatever you choose, you will be blown away with this scenic adventure as you’ll enter a labyrinth-like network of canals where locals strive to live in harmony with their surroundings. Explore different lifestyles, and get away from the business of the big city life in Buenos Aires.

Puerto Frutos

Puerto frutos Tigre Delta

Located next to the Lujan-river, the port of fruit in Tigre owes its name to history. Long ago, it used to be the main trading point for fruit, but nowadays people walk around there to explore the open-air market. The name may suggest that you will only find fruit here – but there are many other shops and stalls to keep you occupied and reaching for your wallet.

Expect to find antiques, furniture shops, gadget stores and some Argentinian food. If you are planning on a shopping spree, or just want to observe everything through window shopping – Puerto Frutos is worth passing by.

The market tends to be overcrowded on weekends, when Buenos Aires citizens escape the city, so it is recommended to visit during the week if possible.

Tres Bocas

Tres Bocas Tigre Delta

Located only 30 minutes by commuter boat, the small island in the Tigre Delta is known for its walking path which takes you around the island. If you like long walks, and beautiful landscapes – Tres Bocas is a “must”! The boat ride is quite scenic too, and gives you a real local perspective.

The trail around the island is mostly well laid out, and partly made out of sand. The walk takes you past many little houses and restaurants. Tres Bocas is one of the few points on the Delta where you can really disembark and wander for long distances, thanks to the public riverside path.

Paseo Victorica and Museums

Museums tigre Delta

The Paseo Victorica is a green riverside promenade located in the center of town. Take a stroll down the streets to admire the architecture of the old mansions, and walk over the many bridges or stop at a restaurant for some local treats.

At the end of the promenade, you will find the Museo de Arte de Tigre. From Argentina’s belle époque, the museum is a stunning building that is home to a permanent collection of Argentinian figurative art which dates back to the late 19th to mid-20th century.

Admire the history of the Argentinian maritime, which is a rich photo archive with some attributes, in the Navy Museum of Tigre. If that seems too serious for you, you can view over 2000 mate cups and discover how mate became the national drink of Argentina in the Museum of Mate.

Explore the Delta by Rowing or Kayaking

tigre delta

The best way to explore the lush islands of Tigre and the hidden canals is to go rowing or kayaking. This excursion can be done during the day or by moonlight. Once you enter the Tigre Delta you will notice many rowing and kayaking clubs.

The older clubs, that are just meters away from Tigre train station, date back to the late 19th century. This period was when the immigrant communities of Buenos Aires began organizing associates such as the Club de Regatas Hispano Argentino, Buenos Aires Rowing Club and the Club Suizo.

If adventure holidays are something up your alley, then read our article about 5 extreme adventures that you can’t miss out on in Argentina here.

Eat & Sleep

We highly recommend staying in the Tigre Delta overnight, or even two nights, as it will allow you enough time to have one full day to enjoy before having to return to Buenos Aires. It is such a unique city next to the river, and so close to the capital, it serves a perfect “add-on” to your Argentinian adventure.

There are a few options for accommodation. Rent out a stilted cabin or cottage with your own private dock, as a complete way to disconnect and relax. Most islands have mini-markets, and there are many restaurants to discover the local cuisine and famous Argentine barbecues.

Alternatively, you can stay in Buenos Aires, and make your way to the Tigre Delta in one day. Make sure to leave early in the morning from the big city, so you will have sufficient time to explore this gem. If you are planning to stay in Buenos Aires, and you are looking for more activities to fill your itinerary, then read our article on the 5 hidden gems of Buenos Aires here.

Kuoda’s Difference

Tigre Delta with Kuoda

Kuoda strives in creating awesome, tailor-made trips in South America, which promises experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. With our service we guarantee a smooth, effortless journey which will allow you to take endless photos of the mesmerizing sites and experiences all around you.

We at Kuoda understand the frustrations and struggles that go into planning a cohesive trip like this one, especially when you want to include a visit to the Tigre Delta with other trips to top destinations in Argentina. Read our article on the top destinations in Argentina to learn about some other hot locations in the country.

Kuoda specializes in custom-made travel experiences that include everything that you need for you and your family. Contact us today and talk to one of our trip designers to discuss your personal requirements.

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