Laguna Colorada, Bolivia: Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia_ Everything you need to know before visiting

Laguna Colorada Bolivia is a red colored shallow salt-lake located in the southwest of the altiplano of Bolivia. It is found at 14 000 feet, and forms part of the Andean Mountain Range. It is conveniently situated only a few hours drive from Uyuni Salt Flats, and a mesmerizing sight which you will never forget.

Laguna Colorada Bolivia is very special, because not only does it stand out for its miraculous red tinted water, it is home to hundreds of pink flamingos posing for incredible, post-card-like photos. Flamingos flock here for the abundant supply of plankton.

There are six flamingo species in the world, and three of them can be seen here: the Chilean, Andean and the James’s Flamingo. The James’s Flamingoes are very rare species and can only be found in the high Andean plateaus. It was rediscovered in 1956, after being declared “extinct”. It is no wonder that Laguna Colorada was nominated to be part of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Luxurious travel through South America is a wonderful way to comfortably enjoy Laguna Colorado Bolivia, and we at Kuoda specialize in customized travel. In this article we have put together some important factors to consider when planning your trip to Bolivia.

Why is it red?

Laguna Colorada

The magical red-colored water of Laguna Colorado is the result of red sediments found in the lake. The pigmentation in some of the microorganisms in the water, paired with the red algae, give it its blood-like appearance which encourages people to travel from all over the world to see it for themselves.

The dramatic contrast of the white pools is created by immense borax deposits on the surface of the lake. This is just one of Bolivia’s strange and unique landscapes, like the famous Uyuni Salt Flats, and one of the most impressive colored lakes on the planet.

It is a vastly sized lake which takes up some 15 000 acres in area, and it is very shallow with a depth of only about one meter. The lake’s composition is very saline, or salty, and big deposits of borax are visible as small islands which dot the surface of the lake.

Getting there

Laguna Colorada is located in the southwest of the altiplano of Bolivia. It is located inside of Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve and close to the border of Chile. It is simple to access, and should definitely be added to your travel plans!

The easiest way to access the Laguna Colorada is via the town of Uyuni, which is located near the famous Salar de Uyuni. With a private car it is an easy drive to Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, and can be done as a day trip or part of a longer itinerary.

Best time to see the flamingos

Laguna Colorada

There is not really an abundance of wildlife at Laguna Colorada which is due to the shallowness of the lake. The very important wildlife that can be found here may be little, but it is vital to maintain the ecosystem. Plankton flushes the lake waters, which serve as rich-nutrient food to several bird species that live around here, especially flamingos.

The James’s flamingo is the most common type of flamingo found in Laguna Colorada. It is special since it is native to the Altiplano area, and they adore plankton-heavy waters. So, expect to see many of them! Some other animals you may be able to see are alpacas, foxes and other plankton-eating birds.

The winter time is usually considered to be the best time to visit Bolivia. This period promises clear skies, sunshine, and very little rain. It falls between May and October. If you are planning to see the flamingos – there are more of them around during the rainy season from December to April.  During the rainy season you may also have the opportunity to see Salar de Uyuni flooded and resembling the world’s largest mirror.

Make it part of your Salar de Uyuni trip

Uyuni Trip

Salar de Uyuni is considered one of the most breathtaking and remarkable places to visit in all of South America. It stretched more than 4085 square miles of the Altiplano, and it is the world’s largest salt flat which was left behind by prehistoric lakes that evaporated a very long time ago.

During certain times of the year, nearby lakes overflow and this causes a thin layer of water that transform the flats into a stunning reflection of the sky. It resembles a “mirror”-like image, the biggest mirror in the world!

A great reason to visit Laguna Colorada is because it is conveniently located close to Salar de Uyuni Salt Flats. Since both these expeditions can be done at any time of the year, and even in the rainy season, it is a “must see” destination in our books.

We recommend combining your visits in one cohesive trip. Laguna Colorada is an incredible sight and definitely one of the highlights of Eduardo Avaroa National Park. Most people opt for multi-day tours which include stops at the Salt Flats and Laguna Colorada.

Travel with Kuoda

Laguna Colorada“Once in a life-time experiences” are what Kuoda is known for. That and traveling with comfort, ease and luxury. South America is a vast continent with lots of amazing experiences and incredible landscapes, diverse culture and memorable expeditions to be explored.

We at Kuoda understand how complicated and stressful it can be when planning a trip to South America. Especially because there are so many different treasures to discover and experiences to be had. Why not pair your excursion to Laguna Colorada with other expeditions in Bolivia, or other countries in Latin America?

For example, the magical Kachi Lodge in Uyuni -which promises a luxurious experience surrounding one of the most spectacular sites in the world. This is just one of many accommodations that we can arrange for you, that will absolutely blow your mind away!

Kuoda specializes in custom-made travel experiences that include everything that you need for you and your family.  Contact us today and talk to one of our trip designers to discuss your personal requirements.

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