Health & Wellness – Healing for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

While many think of a yoga retreat, meditation, and kale when thinking of health and wellness trips, we aren’t limited to these options (though we can include them if you like). Health and wellness not only means feeding your body, but also your spirit. This can include outdoor activities that get your heart pumping, as well as some downtime in a relaxing spa. Whatever health and wellness looks like for you, we have you covered.

Health and Wellness in South America

With medicinal plants in Peru, to yoga retreats in Chile and Argentina, and super foods such as quinoa and tarwi all over the Andes you will be able to find something that feeds your mind, body, and soul. Read on for ideas of what you can add to your trip for the healthiest, happiest journey possible!

Peru South America Travel


  • Yoga class in the Sacred Valley, on the shores of Lake Piuray
  • Learn about medicinal plants, such as muña and coca
  • Enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking
Ecuador South America Travel


  • Connect with nature at the Mashpi Lodge
  • Enjoy high-altitude yoga classes in the Andes
  • Energy cleansing retreats in the jungle
Colombia South America Travel


  • Visit the Caño Cristales, a natural pool of five colors
  • Hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and music therapy circuits in Bogota
  • Take some time to relax in the Rosario Islands, off the coast of Cartagena
Chile South America Travel


  • Enjoy a three day detox yoga retreat in the Campana National Park
  • Visit the Casablanca Spa and Wine Hotel
  • Relax in the thermal baths at Puritama
Bolivia South America Travel


  • Stay a while at the Health Resort and Hotel in Santa Cruz
  • Learn about Bolivia’s natural healers
  • Visit the mystical witches’ market
Argentina South America Travel


  • Visit the Termas Cacheuta Thermal Spa in Mendoza
  • Enjoy the unique Tédelúpulo Beer Spa in Buenos Aires
  • Relax with a yoga retreat on the La Rinconanada Ranch
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