Kuoda’s Culinary Travel Recognized in The New York Times

In The New York Times’ recent article, “Eating and Drinking Your Way Through A Trip, and Learning Something in the Process”, Elaine Glusac featured Kuoda Travel’s culinary travel experiences among her selection of tour operators using food tours as a point of entry into the culture of a destination.

The article mentions one of Kuoda’s latest itineraries centered around Mil, the new restaurant and research center from chef Virgilio Martinez. The private tour takes travelers from farm to table literally, with a visit to the restaurant’s working farm in the ancient terraces of the Sacred Valley before sitting down for a multicourse meal at Mil.

As the article and Kuoda’s own findings display, culinary travel is trending among discerning travelers and it is about more than dining at the Michelin-starred restaurants. Today, travelers wish to get to know what lies behind the food on their plate, including what geographic and cultural factors have influenced it.

“Eating and Drinking Your Way Through a Trip, and Learning Something in the Process” was published on May 18, 2018 in The New York Times’ Travel section. You can read the full article at nytimes.com.