Kuoda’s Guide To A Family Summer Vacation in Ecuador

Kuoda’s Guide To A Family Summer Vacation in Ecuador

Traveling to Ecuador is an opportunity to explore amazing nature, enjoy delicious food, and meet charming locals who teach you all about their dynamic nation. Plus, Ecuador is the home to one of the most bucket-list worthy destination on Earth for nature lovers: the Galapagos Islands.

Planning a family trip to the Galapagos is an amazing way to get up close with amazing marine life, learn about Darwin’s theory of evolution firsthand, explore fascinating landscapes and even relax on some of the most relaxing beaches in the world! But beyond this magical archipelago, what else is there to do in Ecuador? This is Kuoda’s guide to planning your perfect family summer vacation for an action-packed adventure.

– The best destinations in Ecuador for families

The best destinations in Ecuador for families

Discover the Cuyabeno Reserve in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle, a place full of lush vegetation and abundant wildlife.

Obviously, a trip to Ecuador would be incomplete without visiting the Galapagos for at least a few days. Some families may choose to embrace the slow-travel lifestyle and spend the entire vacation in the Galapagos, which is an amazing way to experience this region. But if you want a little more diversity in your adventure, head onto the mainland to experience some of the lesser-known gems of Ecuador!

The capital city of Quito is a dynamic community that has been a hub for civilization since pre-Incan times. Many different communities have called Quito home, but today it is known as a diverse municipality with a rich history, splendid architecture, and radiant energy that lures travelers in. Take your time exploring the capital, from the historic center where a majority of the most notable landmarks are located. Go on a guided tour to get an in-depth knowledge of sites like the Government Palace, Independence Square, and some of the most beautifully designed churches in the world.

Quito is also conveniently located in one of the most interesting parts of Ecuador, which is right along Earth’s equator. Take your family on an afternoon trip to the center of the world, where you can learn about how simple scientific experiments are impacted by the division of our planet. Things like walking in a straight line are nearly impossible to do, but it’s always fun to try and push the limits of science!

Ecuador’s mainland is also full of beautiful nature spots like Cotopaxi National Park, home of a massive volcano that many trekkers and mountaineers hope to conquer one day. But for families who have not trained rigorously for a 5-day trek, the park offers plenty of unique ways to see the impressive volcanic peak including bike tours, horseback riding, and even a few short hiking loops with stunning viewpoints.

You can also spend a few days in the Amazon Rainforest, one of the other incredible landscapes accessible in Ecuador. Venture into the Cuyabeno Reserve for a glimpse into another world, full of lush jungle foliage, dark black waters, and wonderful wildlife spotting opportunities. In this protected reserve, dolphins, tapirs, crocodiles, anacondas, and capybaras are all swimming around in the lakes while over 500 species of birds fly overhead and monkeys swing from tree to tree. The Amazon is known for its incredible biodiversity, so families who love encountering strange and jaw-dropping animals will love spending a few days here. Plus, with so many amazing luxury jungle lodges to stay at, you’ll feel like you’re on an adventure in a jungle paradise.

– What to see and do on your family summer vacation in Ecuador

What to see and do on your family summer vacation in Ecuador

Have the adventure of a lifetime aboard Nariz del Diablo train while crossing through incredible landscapes.

Every Ecuadorian destination has so many activities to offer, it can be overwhelming to choose what you want to do. But, there are a few bucket-list-worthy adventures we can recommend to help inspire your itinerary. Once you have a better idea about your family’s travel goals and interests, we can customize every itinerary to fit your exact wishes

For the history aficionados, an immersive train ride through Ecuador is an amazing and easy way to explore as a family. The Tren Nariz del Diablo (soon to reopen) is an award-winning adventure that provides travelers with a sustainable way to see the country’s most beautiful landscapes while also learning about the history of railway transit in Ecuador. You’ll get to ride on the famous Devil’s Nose train tracks, mingle with locals at each town you stop in, venture across the Avenue of the Volcanoes, and relax as you make your way through some of the most beautiful scenery in South America

Spend a night at the infamous Hacienda Zuleta if you want a cultural experience that will connect you with the charm of the Andean lifestyle. This 17th-century hotel and farm once belonged to the president of Ecuador, but today it serves as a landmark for travelers to be transported back in time and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Learn about the local embroidery techniques, take a cooking class using the ingredients grown on-site, or simply take your family on a walk around the Hacienda property through the most peaceful mountain trails. This is a great opportunity to slow down and relax while you explore Ecuador.

For a more tropical summer vacation, head to the Pacific coasts of Ecuador and lounge under the sun in the Salinas beach resort town. Spend a day at Chipipe Beach, where you can either choose to indulge in a beach day with no plans other than tanning, swimming, and enjoying one another’s company, or you and the kids can grab some snorkeling gear and head out into the warm waters to spot turtles and rays swimming just off shore.

– The best time to visit Ecuador

A good time to travel to Ecuador is from December to May, which is the summer season in Ecuador. Sunny and warm days

Deciding when you want to travel to Ecuador for your family vacation may influence what exactly you do during your trip. From June through September, Ecuador is clear and sunny despite the fact that it’s winter in the southern hemisphere. Travelers tend to prefer this travel season because the weather is optimal for exploring the cities or trekking through some of the most notable nature in the Andes.

If you’d rather organize your trip around the Galapagos exploration, plan to explore Ecuador from December to May. This is Ecuador’s summer season, which means warm and sunny days, tropical rains, and a nice break from the winter in the northern hemisphere.

– Plan your family trip to Ecuador with Kuoda

Instead of stressing about all the details and logistics, talk to Kuoda today about your dream family summer vacation to Ecuador and we’ll customize the best trip possible for your needs. From finding the best family-friendly accommodations to organizing transportation details, and finding you the best experiences and guides – Kuoda will handle it all so you can focus on making memories and soaking up every moment of your vacation.

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