Bolivia Family Travel: Fun and Educational Activities for All Ages

Bolivia Family Travel_ Fun and Educational Activities for All Ages

Most travelers planning a South American vacation picture the ancient sites of Peru or the beaches of Colombia. While those destinations are worthy of all the praise they receive, many other rich destinations exist in this part of the world, such as Bolivia! This smaller nation is one of the most underrated gems of South America, and it is an idyllic backdrop for the adventurous family in need of their next vacation spot.

Flourishing landscapes, diverse terrain and wildlife, unique cityscapes, and a vibrant population make this nation a fascinating one. Its smaller size makes it much more accessible for travelers who want to see as much as possible in just one trip. For families with a passion for nature, history, and culture, Bolivia is an excellent destination with plenty of exciting and educational opportunities!

– Discover the unique history of La Paz, Bolivia

Discover the unique history of La Paz, Bolivia

Spend a day on the emblematic streets of La Paz, with spectacular views and exciting new places to visit.

Did you know Bolivia has two capital cities? The official capital, Sucre, technically holds the constitutional title of “capital.” However, La Paz is where the administrative and political power is held, so functionally, many people consider this the de facto capital of Bolivia. An atypical history is ingrained in the foundation of this city, making it an essential stop for travelers who love to learn through immersive experiences.

Families will have so many different activities to choose from in La Paz. Perched on top of a plateau high in the Andes Mountains, this city is celebrated for its dramatic views and dizzying heights. Even the simple act of navigating La Paz is an adventure. Instead of hopping on the subway, you’ll have to get around using the world’s highest and longest cable car system. Ten different lines connect the city, allowing you to soar over the local neighborhoods as you hop between activities.

A can’t-miss activity while here is the Witches Market, known for its unusual artisanal products that are an important part of Bolivian witchcraft. Don’t be spooked, it’s not the stuff you see around Halloween. Families can stroll through a marketplace filled with local herbs, remedies, tinctures, and holistic ingredients. Some may be for healing, others for spiritual practice, but all of them offer some insight into the real handiwork of witches to enlighten travelers of all ages about an ancient practice.

And for a deeper look at the history of Bolivia, head to the Museo Nacional de Etnografía y Folklore. It teaches you about the birth of the country and how it has evolved over the years through exhibits of archeological and scientific discoveries.

– Encounter otherworldly landscapes at the Uyuni Salt Flats

Encounter otherworldly landscapes at the Uyuni Salt Flats

The famous Uyuni Salt Flats will surprise you with incredible rock formations and natural phenomena.

One of the most famous destinations in Bolivia are the Uyuni Salt Flats. Gigantic planes of glittering white salt stretch across the horizon, creating a strange and spectacular site travelers come to see from around the world. But, as you explore this region a bit deeper, you’ll learn these flats promise more than an amazing view and a cool photo opportunity.

Spend a few days touring Uyuni with a private guide who will take your family on the ultimate adventure. Flamingos, hummingbirds, strange rock formations, and spectacular natural phenomena are all waiting to be discovered!

In the surrounding region, there are several unbelievable natural landmarks, including Laguna Colorada, also called the Red Lagoon. Here, the water shifts between a deep blue and a striking red hue, colored by the shifting sentiment and algae under the water’s surface. Folktales describe this lake as being filled with the blood of the Gods, but the scientific explanation is equally as magical when you get up close and inspect the vivid tones of the lagoon. It’s also known as a spotting location for three different species of flamingos! This is the best spot to learn about why these birds are colored pink, how nature can cause us to adapt, and the role we play in protecting endangered species.

Another amazing destination near Uyuni is the Dali Desert, whose name is inspired by the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. While this specific landscape was never painted by Dalí himself, it is one of the few places that actually look like one of his canvases come to life. Strange rock formations like the Árbol de Piedra combined with stretches of the arid desert make this place a work of art all on its own.

– Go back to prehistoric times at Torotoro National Park

Go back to prehistoric times at Torotoro National Park

Step back in time and walk with dinosaurs in Bolivia’s Torotoro National Park, and reveal the ancient giants’ secrets.

Ever since humans discovered the first dinosaur fossil, we have been fascinated by these ancient giants that no longer roam the Earth. Such massive and majestic creatures have inspired all kinds of curious thinkers to research their existence, from filmmakers exploring the Jurassic period to paleontologists scoping out every part of the world on a mission to learn more. In Bolivia, the Torotoro National Park is one place people step back in time and walk with dinosaurs.

Torotoro is a magical place for nature lovers. Majestic canyons, underground caves, rugged landscapes, and fossilized dinosaur footprints make this one of the best parks to visit as part of your Bolivia family travel experience. Vultures circle over the mega canyon cutting through the park. While the view from above is breathtaking, the beauty of the canyon’s base is even more remarkable. For travelers feeling extra active, you can climb down into the ravine and go swimming in a spectacular lagoon at the bottom of Torotoro Canyon.

As you explore the park, don’t overlook the random little divots and dips in the ground. More often than not, these are real fossilized dino footprints! Over 3,500 prints have been discovered in the park, belonging to eight different species from the Cretaceous Period. But when the sauropods were roaming this park, the land was much different. Go on a guided tour with an expert, and you’ll learn all about how this dry climate was once a thriving wetland that provided a home for roaming giants!

Exploring Bolivia’s natural scenery is an amazing way to learn about how diverse our planet is, and why it’s so important to practice sustainable living so we can protect it. A fun family trip can be an amazing educational tool for kids who need to disconnect from their digital worlds and discover the wonders of our natural surroundings!

Plan your perfect family trip to Bolivia now with Kuoda and we’ll ensure you get the best itinerary according to your family’s needs. Whether you want a tour of the best hidden gems in Bolivia or want to explore the top bucket list attractions from this destination, our team will organize all the details so you can relax and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

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