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With all the talk of birds and reptiles, the Galapagos Islands’ beaches can often go overlooked. But this archipelago can also cater to those who crave a little beach time. Whether you want a spacious stretch of pristine white sand to call your own, clear blue waters to take a dip in or white-frothed waves to surf across, the Galapagos can provide it.

Pack your bathing suit and head to Santa Cruz Island’s Tortuga Bay, where two beaches can be found. One beach is blessed with incoming roller and is ideal for surfing, while the other beach further west is calmer and better for swimming. If sun-bathing wears thin, the nearby lava tunnels, made of gnarled, iridescent volcanic formations, will provide a welcome distraction.
Alternatively, you can join the approachable sea lions on Gardner Bay Beach. Lying next to these blubbery creatures will make you feel a little better about your own physique! This beach is fabulous for snorkelers who can glide through schools of colorful fish and enjoy safe encounters with white-tipped reef sharks. If you can, stick around here until sunset – it’s one of the best spots to watch the day’s end.
For a dose of quietude, make your way to Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island, an isolated stretch of crowd-free white sand. The only living creatures your likely to run into are the small herd of marine iguanas that make their home here.
However you prefer to vacation, Galapagos’ paradise beaches will mean you’ll never want to leave.

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