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The Highest Mountain In The West

The highest peak in the western hemisphere can be found right here, in Aconcagua Provincial Park. Nature lovers and
outdoor adventurers visit this site to trek through the most immaculate landscapes during their luxury tour of Argentina.

While Aconcagua mountain is the park’s number one attraction, travelers can also find some beautiful, unique activities
that even non-climbers will enjoy. From leisurely hiking to multi-day trekking, stargazing, and camping, Aconcagua Park
has a splendid array of opportunities for nature lovers. While visiting this destination, explore part of the Incan Road, and
learn about the historic figures who once crossed these sloping Andean giants.

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Signature Argentina Itineraries

With so many adventures and experiences to offer, a trip to Argentina
promises travelers an unforgettable bucket list excursion!

But, choosing where to start can be overwhelming. Although your luxury trip to Argentina will be hand crafted by a
team of Kuoda experts, we recommend taking inspiration from a few model itineraries! Decide how you want to
experience the passion of Argentina, and prepare for your own private luxury vacation, curated with Kuoda!


Best Time To Travel

Exploring the majesty of Argentina is a wonderful experience any time of
year, but if you wish to experience certain attractions in Aconcagua, consider
when you are traveling.

Climbing season in Aconcagua Provincial Park runs from November to March when conditions are good and the climate
allows for easier trekking. However, if you want the optimal experience, book your expedition to Aconcagua’s peak
between December and January when the park offers optimal weather conditions.



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With travel experts who have explored Argentina, the Kuoda team knows
the ins and outs of the country and the best way to experience it.


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