El Chaltén

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The Trekking Capital Of Patagonia

The impressive glaciers, icy fjords, turquoise lakes, thick forests, and jagged mountaintops all make up Patagonia’s
impressive and diverse terrain. Tucked away in this landscape, you will find magical little villages like El Chaltén,
Argentina’s capital of trekking.

Located in Los Glaciares National Park, this small town is known for having many easy access points to some of the most
famous hiking trails in Patagonia. Day trips and week-long treks all pass through this village, but there is plenty to
discover within the community. Unparalleled mountain scenery surrounded you on all sides and provides a peaceful
place to rest amidst all the exciting outdoor adventures.

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Signature Argentina Itineraries

With so many adventures and experiences to offer, a trip to Argentina
promises travelers an unforgettable bucket list excursion!

But, choosing where to start can be overwhelming. Although your luxury trip to Argentina will be hand crafted by a
team of Kuoda experts, we recommend taking inspiration from a few model itineraries! Decide how you want to
experience the passion of Argentina, and prepare for your own private luxury vacation, curated with Kuoda!


Best Time To Travel

Exploring the majesty of Argentina is a wonderful experience any time of year, but
if you want to explore El Chaltén at its best, consider when you are traveling.

Travelers who wish to embark on various hiking excursions should plan to visit in the summer months from December
to February. This will give you more hours of sunshine, warmer weather, and an ideal climate for you to enjoy as much
of Patagonia as possible.



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With travel experts who have explored Argentina, the Kuoda team knows
the ins and outs of the country and the best way to experience it.


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