The Ultimate Argentina Travel Guide: 6 Experiences For A Luxury Vacation

The Ultimate Argentina Travel Guide_ 6 Experiences for a Luxury Vacation

Get ready to combine the thrill of adventure with the comfort of luxury with this Argentina travel guide, designed for travelers who love to indulge in five-star experiences. Explore bustling cities that come alive with the beat of a drum. Escape on a luxury cruise across the Earth’s most Southernmost ocean. Relax as the peaceful breeze of the lush plains rushes across Argentina’s fertile flatlands.

Our team of travel experts has curated a list of the six best luxury experiences in Argentina for those who want to immerse themselves in the local culture while enjoying the finest accommodations. This is the ultimate Argentina travel guide combining the best of both worlds: bold travel adventures with a touch of decadence.

Get A Taste of Gaucho Life in Las Pampas

Gaucho Life in Las Pampas

Argentina’s grasslands stretch from the Atlantic Coast to the Andean foothills, creating an expansive region known as Las Pampas. Here, the natural world and the local culture have united to create a landscape rich in beauty and intrigue. The Argentinian gauchos have long roamed the plains, tending to their estancias and developing the country’s most fertile territory.

A trip to Las Pampas is more than just a beautiful escape. It is a chance to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Start in San Antonio de Areco, one of the last remaining gaucho towns in the region. Best described as romantically rustic, the estancias located throughout the town are a picturesque backdrop for leisurely adventures. While traversing the grasslands, travelers can stay at La Bamba de Areco for an upscale estancia experience.

This 19th-century Argentinian ranch is designed in an elegant colonial fashion with charming gaucho influences decorating the property. Each room is uniquely made up, with eleven rooms and suites to choose from. A sun-drenched pool provides a place to relax in a grassland oasis, and the on-site restaurant serves its own unique take on modern luxury cuisine. In addition to your stay at the La Bamba de Areco resort, there are delightful horseback riding tours throughout Las Pampas that will immerse you fully in the gaucho lifestyle!

Relax on a Luxury Patagonia Cruise as You Explore the Open Sea

Luxury Patagonia Cruise

Dare to visit the end of the Earth with a luxury Patagonia cruise excursion. Glorified as one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, the natural landscapes of Patagonia are worth exploring in any capacity. But, if you’re looking for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, an ocean expedition will offer you unparalleled views you simply cannot access any other way.

Everything from five-day sailing experiences around the tip of South America to two-week expeditions to Antarctica is available. Depending on the length of your Argentinian vacation, there are plenty of options to choose from with specialized activities on deck.

One of the best reasons to embark on a Patagonia cruise is the opportunity to see stunning wildlife up close! Among the most exciting species to see is the majestic humpback whale which migrates through the cold waters seasonally. You can also spot seals and penguins darting around the sea or sunbathing on the rocky shores of South America! The luxury accommodations of the most elite cruise vessels offer you maximum comfort even in the icy polar waters.

Eat Your Way Through The Most Delicious Restaurants

An Argentina travel guide would not be complete without exploring the flavors of this destination. If your greatest pleasure whilst traveling is the culinary arts, Buenos Aires has some brilliant restaurants to try. Elegant indulgence is king when it comes to Argentinian cuisine, known for its delectable steak and barbecue style. In this exciting capital city, expect to have a multitude of options at your fingertips.

At breakfast, stroll to La Alacena, a lovely corner restaurant connected with a delectable bakery, owned and operated by two best friends who welcome you with delicious bites. This is a very local spot, where the residents go to grab a coffee and pastry before setting off for their daily activities. They also serve an amazing weekend brunch as well as a daily lunch menu boasting Italian delicacies.

Don Julio a must-try for dinner, voted one of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants for being a mecca of steak. A cozy atmosphere invites you into the restaurant with open arms, where the steaks sizzle on the grill and waft a delicious smell throughout the dining room. Wine bottles decorate the walls, ready to be paired with the rich red meats on the menu. Every cut of steak is cooked in the open kitchen by the master griller, so you can watch your dinner be prepped to perfection. Don Julio is the perfect combination of fine dining quality with friendly, family-style comfort.

And for an innovative take on regional cuisine, Chila is a luxury restaurant option from the young Chef Pedro Bargero. He delivers a Michelin-level dining experience, with unique creations using local ingredients. Expect to see things like ostrich paté and llama jerky on the menu, and prepare for them to taste even better than imagined.

Where To Stay In Buenos Aires

Experiencing the bright capital city of Buenos Aires is a must-do during your trip, and here you’ll have no shortage of options for where to stay. Palladio Hotel is a perfect option if you enjoy the boutique luxury experience. Located in the traditional Recoleta neighborhood, you are in a prime location for visiting the most popular attractions in the city. You’ll have access to a heated pool and luxury spa, as well as a trendy bar to unwind in during happy hour before exploring the city at night.

For a comfortable, trendy take on luxury, Home Hotel is a perfect place to stay. Quirky details are incorporated into the mid-century modern design to make the hotel feel relaxed and bring a smile to guests’ faces. Located between the newly renamed Palermo SoHo and Palermo Hollywood, there are plenty of unique experiences nearby you can including local art galleries, botanical gardens, and the biggest flea market in the city.

Find Your Inner Zen With Specialty Turkish Spa Treatments

Zen With Specialty Turkish Spa Treatments

Nothing completes a luxury vacation to Argentina more than a trip to the spa, and in Mendoza, there is one specialty venue that will treat you like royalty. Entre Cielos is the first traditional Turkish Hamman in Latin America, this countryside retreat is surrounded by Argentinian vineyards and the snowcapped Andes.

The tranquil spa escape is rooted in ancient Turkish rituals, aimed at ridding the body of toxins and stress. Everything from pools, to steam rooms, mud rooms, and even wine treatments are offered in their resort. For travelers who want to incorporate some wellness during their vacation, there is a wonderful selection of ways to unwind and enjoy self-care at this spa!

Travel North And Visit This Stunning Desert Village

Visit This Stunning Desert Village

Tucked away between bright orange and deep red rocks, cactus forests and low-floating clouds is the village of Purmamarca. Charming buildings of red adobo sit at the base of the Hill of Seven Colours, transforming this little town into an ethereal addition to our Argentina travel guide.

As a gateway village to the rest of northern Argentina, with unbeatable landscapes like Humahuaca Gorge or the Salinas Grandes salt flats. Staying in the town also provides an abundance of activities centered around the indigenous culture of the town.

Beyond what we’ve already outlined in this luxury Argentina travel guide, there are endless possibilities for how to indulge yourself during your next vacation. Kuoda’s team will curate a personalized itinerary based on your travel bucket list. Chat with an expert and tell us what luxury experiences you want to include, and we’ll prepare the best trip to Argentina possible!

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