10 Luxury Hotels in Colombia For Every Type of Traveler

10 Luxury Hotels in Colombia For Every Type of Traveler-2

Whether you’re visiting to experience Cartagena’s nightlife or you want to travel to isolated corners of the country, these luxury hotels in Colombia are amazing options that offer a five-star boutique experience. Every type of traveler deserves to rest in a quality home away from home, and that’s exactly why we’ve selected our top ten favorites to inspire your vacation plans.

Town House, Cartagena

Town House

When you enter Townhouse, you immediately know your stay is going to be a good time. Here, “fancy doesn’t have to be boring,” at least that’s what the owners have to say about their boutique hotel experience. With spunky tropical accommodations and a stunning rooftop overlooking the city, Townhouse is perfect for travelers who want to live their best life in the energetic streets of Cartagena.

Every suite is individually designed by local Colombian artists who bring the Caribbean vibe into your bedroom. The ultimate luxury stay in Townhouse includes a reservation in the Penthouse Suite, with its own private balcony and hot tub that gazes out over the rooftops. The vibe of this hotel is comfortable and fun, offering a balanced experience for any travelers who want to party at night but unwind during the day.

Morromico, Pacific Coast

Morromico Pacific Coast

If your dream vacation sounds like resting in an isolated bungalow learning about local wildlife, and exploring the wild, visit Morromico on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. Luxury hotels in Colombia like Morromico are designed especially for the traveler who loves an off-the-beaten-path adventure but doesn’t want to sacrifice the finer things.

This family-owned eco-hotel invites those who want to experience paradise on earth in the most exclusive setting. Only ten guests can stay on-site at any time, guaranteeing you receive the best customer service imaginable as you wander on the wild side. Its specific location on the Gulf of Tribugá is a dense tropical rainforest bordering volcanic sand beaches. A shared lodge with private rooms or a completely private bungalow is all accommodation options to choose from depending on how luxurious you want your getaway to be.

Morromico also incorporates sustainability into everything they do, from minimizing pollution and reducing its carbon footprint to improving the lives of its employees and the indigenous communities in the surrounding area. Even during your excursions, such as whale watching or hiking, the team makes every effort to keep the adventure eco-friendly.

Sazagua, Pereira

Sazagua Pereira

If you want to disconnect from nature while enjoying a wellness retreat experience, Sazagua is a magical escape in Colombia’s coffee region. Guests are welcomed like family here, as the location is owned and operated by the actual family that once lived on the land alone. Now, they have transformed this destination into a boutique resort to invite others who wish to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the region.

Each room is uniquely designed, inspired by the rich cultures of Colombia, and offers a range of accommodations. These rooms feel almost sacred, built to be as comfortable and peaceful as possible. Their on-site Turukao Spa is an exceptional feature, using authentic Quimbaya practices their own ancestors used to bring restoration to your mind, body, and soul. Sazagua is a dreamy hotel option for a more decadent traveler who wants to prioritize slow days at the spa and peaceful evenings during their trip.

Cayena Beach, Santa Marta

Cayena beach Santa Marta

Are caribbean beaches on your bucket list? Cayena Beach in Santa Marta is one of the luxury hotels in Colombia you have to see to believe. Here, the architecture blends with the natural world in such a way that you feel hidden in your own private villa immersed in the deepest tropical jungle.

Cayena Beach is located on a breathtaking stretch of coastline where the bluest Caribbean waters crash against white-sand shores. Coconut palms grow around you, while deep emerald mountains stretch to the skies just behind you. Exploring Tayrona National Park is easier than ever when you book a room here, providing easy access to one of Colombia’s most unique landscapes. This is the ultimate paradise home for travelers who just want to soak up the sun and explore the beaches of Colombia.

Hotel Bastión Luxury, Cartagena

Bastion Luxury Hotel

For a taste of 16th-century opulence in the modern city of Cartagena, Bastion Luxury Hotel is a unique yet charming find. Located in the heart of Cartagena’s old town, a stay here will offer visitors a glimpse into the secrets of Cartagena’s fascinating history.

Hotel Bastión is made for the traveler who enjoys investigating the culture of big cities, learning about anything from the local gastronomy to the art history to the political happenings throughout time. From this property, you can access historic sites such as The Clock Tower or Las Bovedas Square. You’ll also be a short walk from the Modern Art Museum and the Gold Museum to continue your study of Colombia’s unique history!

Islas del Encanto, Barú

Isla del Encanto

For a romantic trip to Colombia, there is no place quite like Islas del Encanto for a private excursion to share with your loved one. In the remarkable Corales del Rosario National Park, you will find a beach sanctuary designed to perfection. The spa invites guests to treat themselves with therapeutic treatments incorporating the natural elements of the earth, while their outdoor adventures provide you the chance to explore those elements for yourself!

Corales del Rosario is highly celebrated for the rich marine life swimming through the coral reefs and mangroves growing throughout the archipelago. Snorkeling and diving are both exceptional opportunities in this park so you can get a look at the thriving underwater communities. You can also stay above water with guided mangrove sailing tours or bird-watching excursions.

Hacienda Bambusa, Armenia

Hacienda Bambusa

Perhaps you would prefer to trek into the Central Andes and experience what life is like in the mountains of Colombia. If so, Hacienda Bambusa is a boutique hotel you will not want to miss out on. The property preserves traditional architectural styles of the Colombian Coffee Region, so you’re staying in accommodations designed with local customs in mind.

Unknown to most travelers, Armenia is a hidden gem within this region. In this main region, you can do coffee tastings, explore museums, and wander like a true local at your own pace. Armenia is also a perfect gateway to the town of Salento, where you can hike through Cocora Valley, explore Calle Real with tons of shopping and cafes, and climb a steep colorful staircase leading to the mirador.

Isla Coralina, Rosario Islands

Isla Coralina, Rosario Islands

Want an enchanting destination for a romantic, yet exciting getaway? Book your room at Coralina Island Hotel on the Rosario Islands. In the heart of the Caribbean Sea, this is an unforgettable way to enjoy your own private vacation to one of the most spectacular places imaginable.

The hotel has several luxurious rooms as well as an exclusive bungalow experience for those celebrating a special occasion or treating themselves to the gift of ultimate relaxation. In this remote island paradise, you’ll be completely taken care of with three meals a day, optional day trips and excursions, as well as a pristine environment to rest and recharge. While there is a small selection of things to do here, this is one hotel we recommend if you’re looking specifically to do as much relaxing as possible during your vacation.

Click Clack Hotel Medellín

Click Clack Hotel

The Click Clack Hotel in Medellín is an artistic, refined space made for the traveler looking for a hotel with as much personality as them. On their rooftop are two bars serving craft cocktails and a pool overlooking the Abura Valley. The diverse room options range from standard economy accommodations to deluxe suites, described as a mountain nest palace with legendary breakfast service and more.

Although they say you don’t need to leave the hotel (everything you could want is available on-site), Click Clack is located in a trendy part of Medellín with plenty of new restaurants, bars, and shopping opportunities! This is an ideal destination for a group of friends looking to live it up in Medellín during their luxury trip of a lifetime.

Casa San Agustín

Hotel Casa San Agustin

Rounding out the selection of the top ten luxury hotels in Colombia is Casa San Agustín in Cartagena. This chic hotel experience combines traditional Colombian style with modern amenities for a balance of class and innovation. Each suite is another step up, starting with simplistic, deluxe rooms and moving all the way up to the Suite del Virrey, an iconic two-bedroom suite with a private terrace and jacuzzi.

Casa San Agustín also has its own private beach club on the Caribbean waterfront, a pool inside the main villa, and specialty packages for any guests who want to upgrade their experience further. While this is an amazing destination for couples, it is also great if you and your closest friends want a stunning, dreamy place to stay during your trip.

Luxury hotels in Colombia allow you to explore one of the most exciting countries in South America in style, so you never have to compromise comfort during your vacation. Wherever your travels take you, talk to a Kuoda travel expert and find out where you can stay that provides five-star services. We’ll help you locate the best accommodations in all of Colombia!

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