Top 4 Colombia Wellness Escapes

Top 4 Colombia Wellness Escapes

Colombia is located on the northwestern tip of South America, and for many this country represents the untouched garden of Eden. From highly populated cities, to unassuming towns with mountainous views, lush rainforests, and pristine beaches, Colombia is known as one of the world’s most fascinating cultures when it comes to tourism – in literally all its forms and sizes. It is a birdwatcher’s paradise, and boasts culture, dance, music and incredible cuisine. The most current trend in tourism nowadays is definitely Colombia wellness.

Colombia offers a variety of wellness enterprises which are committed to making you feel better, as it provides many opportunities to indulge in the best treatments while exploring a great variety of natural and cultural sites that this incredible country has to offer. Colombia wellness is growing rapidly, which leaves no surprise why visitors from all over the globe gather here – to fill their cups.

Compared to countries in Europe, and around the world – Colombia wellness provides services at reasonable prices, with the bonus of being surrounded by mother nature at her finest. Keep reading if you would like to learn more about the best Colombia wellness escapes.

Eat healthy while in Antioquía

Medellin Colombia Wellness

If you are planning to visit Colombia, for all the obvious and wonderful reasons, and you are passing through Antioquía in Medellin, there are some hearty and filling options that will have you raving about them to friends and family back home.

If you are looking for something tasty and healthy, then Pokawa is a great spot! They serve delicious poke bowls which are reasonably priced, and the service is excellent. Paraiso Resto-Café is a cozy café which offers great vegetarian options, with high-quality local ingredients. Another vegetarian restaurant that stands out is Verdeo which only uses the best organic produce from the local market.

These are just a few examples of some clean and healthy restaurants that can be found in Antioquía, but there are many more to explore and try out for yourself. Healthy eating is at your footsteps here.

Soak in one of the top 5 hot springs in Colombia

1. Santa Rosa de Cabal Thermal Springs

Santa Rosa de Cabal Colombia Wellness

Santa Rosa de Cabal Thermal Springs is perfectly located in the coffee region close to Pereira, and is easy to access. This makes them the most popular hot springs in the area. There is a resort built around with comfortable accommodation, as well as an outdoor spa that consists of man-made pools with different temperatures which allows visitors to soak and immerse themselves in the healing waters from the earth.

2. Hotsprings in Paipa

Hotsprings inPaipa Colombia Wellness

Near lake Sochagota, you will find the spa town, Paipa. There are natural hot water springs, and they also offer aquatic sports and good hotels. One of the most important monuments in Colombia is located only 5 kilometers away from Paipa – the “Pantano de Vargas” battle memorial. One of the most decisive and hardest battles for Colombia’s independence was fought here on July 25th, 1819.

3. Coconuco

Popayan Colombia

The thermals in Coconuco and Purace are located in Popayan. The most popular are the thermals close to Coconuco, called “Agua Tibia” and “Agua Hirviendo” – which means “warm water” and “boiling water”.  Coconuco is about an hour’s drive from Popayan, so it can easily be done in one day.

4. La Rivera Thermals

Neiva Huila Colombia

La Rivera Thermals can be found in Huila, which is 27 kilometers south of Neiva. These hot springs are not only beautiful, but they contain a great quantity of minerals. They are odorless, since they don’t contain any sulfur, and all the minerals in the water create a very relaxed and revitalizing feeling. The surrounding views are incredible and contribute to the whole ambience.

5. Los Volcanes Thermals in Macheta

Los Volcanes are the closest hot spring to the capital, Macheta, 80 kilometers north of Bogota. These waters contain a lot of sulfur and iron. Apparently, this is good for relieving digestive issues, renal and skin illnesses. You can also climb the mountains around these natural pools, if you are more the adventurous type.

Take a spa retreat in Colombia’s first upscale ecolodge

Founded by three friends from Medellin, Cannúa was inspired by Colombia’s rejuvenation and diversity, and respects permaculture ethics and design principles. The purpose of creating Cannúa was to share their belief in the importance of slowing down, and creating more sustainable ways to travel and connect with local communities and ecosystems.

The restaurant serves local, fresh, sustainably-sourced ingredients grown in their own permaculture gardens, providing a true farm to plate experience. You can expect an inventive, health-conscious menu that combines contemporary techniques with authentic Colombian flavors and traditions.

With an abundance of nature, incredible biodiversity, tranquility, personalized attention and service – Cannúa is the mountain lodge you’re looking for!

Boost your mood and move your hips at the Barranquilla Carnival

Barranquilla Colombia Wellness

Barranquilla’s carnival is one of the world’s largest carnivals and the biggest folklore celebration in Colombia. It is joyous celebration of everything that it basically means to be Colombian – dancing, music, and parades! With more than a hundred years of tradition, the festivities run for four days and fill the streets with colorful locals, and attract visitors from all around the world.

In 2003, UNESCO declared the Barranquilla Carnival a Masterpiece of Humanity’s Intangible and Oral Heritage, and it was proclaimed a Cultural Masterpiece by the Colombian government. It is no wonder the slogan is “Quien lo vive es quien lo goza” – which translates to “He who lives it, enjoys it.” The Barranquilla Carnival is celebrated between the 22nd and the 25th of February in Barranquilla, and takes place on Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

Experience a wealth of healthy activities in Colombia with Kuoda

From the many astonishing natural paradises on this planet, Colombia is definitely on the top of the list. There are so many reserves and parks to visit in Colombia, so it can be quite tiring getting to all of them. A proper pamper is definitely worth it!

Colombia offers this sweet combination of natural beauty and wellness which allows you to explore more of South America in one cohesive trip. Kuoda offers private and customized luxury trips in Colombia for couples and families, that will guarantee you a smooth and memorable journey without the stress of planning and arranging everything upfront.

Contact us to enquire more and allow us to plan the perfect trip for you!

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