Avoiding Travel Fatigue: Tips For Being A Happy Traveler

Avoiding Travel Fatigue: Tips for Being a Happy Traveler

Usually, vacations bring on a sense of relaxation and joy, but there is that rare chance that you will experience and find yourself avoiding travel fatigue during what was supposed to be a dream trip abroad. Oftentimes travelers will get burnt out on the logistics— thinking about meals, transportation, accommodation— but when you travel with Kuoda you can be assured our travel team will take care of all the trip planning for you.

Another common stressor however can be the physical burnout and muscle soreness caused by sitting on planes, cars, and trains, as well as sleeping on mattresses new to your body. As a traveler, you can easily find that your physical discomfort takes away from your ability to enjoy your South America luxury tour. Luckily, you have various options for avoiding travel fatigue; and they don’t involve medication or drinking three pots of coffee and popping aspirin every day.

What is Travel Fatigue?

What is Travel Fatigue

Travel fatigue is the feeling of total exhaustion or burnout from traveling for days, weeks, or months on end. It can be caused by extreme culture shock, difficulty planning, and countless road bumps that make it difficult to stick to the agenda, among other travel-related stressors. Symptoms of travel fatigue include feeling disengaged and lacking motivation for activities (or the trip in general) that would usually bring excitement.

Tips For Avoiding Travel Fatigue

• Develop An Exercise Routine

Develop An Exercise Routine

First of all, prevention, as always, beats a cure. When you’re traveling to Cusco and Machu Picchu, you are going to be walking up and down a lot of stairs. Starting some kind of exercise routine, whether that means joining the nearby gym, riding your bicycle, or even just active stretching can get you in great condition for your journey. Being in good shape will alleviate the extra pressure traveling puts on your body.

Keeping up with your exercise routine while traveling is another way to ensure your energy levels remain balanced. On days with little to no physical activity (i.e. hiking, kayaking), try to squeeze in at least 15 minutes of movement, be it a short walk in your new neighborhood or even taking the stairs in your hotel.

• Pamper Yourself

Before you hop on the plane, try to find time to get a massage. Travelling can be stressful. It’s important to be relaxed when departure time for your tailor made trip to Peru approaches. Try to book massage appointments throughout your private Peru tour as well. In fact, you may want to do some research ahead of time, if possible, or ask your Kuoda Travel Designer for suitable recommendations.

Being comfortable is key, whether that means going ahead and getting that pampering spa treatment, or allowing Kuoda to book the luxury hotel that’s right for you.

• Be At Peace

Be At Peace

Finding a way to relax and clear your thoughts is vital. Meditation happens to work for many people, as can taking a walk in a serene park or laying out on a nearby beach. If you practice yoga regularly, you know it’s not a matter of where, but when you can include your yoga practice in your personalized travel journey to Peru.

Don’t just drop your practice; your body and mind will thank you for it. If you are looking for a class, you might be surprised at how many cities around the world offer yoga classes. In fact, in the heart of Cusco, you can get both massages and take yoga classes at the Healing House located in the famous San Blas neighborhood of Cusco.

If yoga isn’t your thing, at least allow yourself to do some stretching between train and plane rides. Even a few minutes in the morning when you get up and before going to bed at night can make a huge difference. Don’t worry about not knowing the “right” stretch for a particular muscle. Move your body around until you feel like you’re activating the parts you need to.

• Stay Hydrated & Eat Well

Stay Hydrated & Eat Well

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Hydration is one of the most important things you can do for your entire body. The best ways to stay hydrated are drinking pure water, sports drinks, and coconut water, and even eating fruits. It’s an odd phenomenon that although Cusco is very dry, many travelers don’t tend to feel thirsty while visiting, so you need to remind yourself to drink liquids. Staying hydrated also helps to prevent and alleviate altitude sickness, so go ahead and accept that cup of coca tea when you arrive at your hotel.

Diet also plays a factor in altitude sickness and overall travel fatigue. Avoid heavy meals during your first few days of arrival in Cusco to aid with the adjustment to altitude. As well, a lack of varied nutrients can affect our mood and energy levels, so be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

• Do What You Want To Do

Do What You Want To Do

Many people have noticed that while they are on their private Peru holiday, they find themselves doing what they “should” be doing.  They feel that they “have to” visit that colonial church in the morning, that they “must” try the native dish at the central market, and so on. If you are experiencing the travel fatigue bug, focus your energy on the things you enjoy and feel like experiencing, even if they may result in being less “cultural.” This is your private Peru vacation. You have nothing to prove, and everything to gain, by enjoying yourself, even if that means missing an event or not stuffing in another archaeological site.

Most importantly, don’t ignore aches and pains. Try not to overdo it, no matter how tempting it is. It’s better to miss out a little bit for one day than to miss several days in their entirety because you’re “pushing the envelope.” If you start feeling truly severe aches and pains that don’t go away with rest then seek medical help as soon as possible.

• Give Gratitude

Give Gratitude

Travel journeys can be a source of great personal pleasure. However, when travel fatigue becomes a factor, our minds can begin to play so-called “mind games.” Fatigue may make us prone to negativity. Instead of allowing your mind to dwell there, make a choice to favor positive thoughts over negative ones. For example, give gratitude to what a great opportunity it is to experience new destinations and cultures. Think about how each and every experience you are having is unique in its own right. A journal can help us keep up with a practice of gratitude.

And don’t forget to smile. Studies have shown that even when your smile is only physical, you send signals to your brain of optimism and hope. And really, there is so much to smile about while exploring the world.

Change Your Travel Mindset With Kuoda

Every travel experience can have its ups and downs. Using these Kuoda Travel tips will imbue both your mind and body with the right attitude to make the most of your Peru luxury tour.  If you have any questions, contact us for even more use

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