6 Secret Hidden Gem Activities For Your Luxury Machu Picchu Tour

6 Secret Hidden Gem Activities For Your Luxury Machu Picchu Tour

What secrets are lying in wait at this ancient Incan architectural site? Set off on a luxury Machu Picchu tour and discover hidden gems during your unique, private excursion. Enjoy expert insights about the mysterious Incan civilization while you trek to the mountaintop. Kuoda’s expert local guide will take you off the beaten path for the ultimate Machu Picchu experience!

Enjoy A Rare View Of Machu Picchu From This Neighboring Cliff

Enjoy A Rare View Of Machu Picchu

There are plenty of ways to access one of the world’s greatest mysteries, whether you choose to trek or take a train ride. Instead, why not enjoy an exclusive look at Machu Picchu from a unique vantage point next door?

Scale the side of Putucusi Mountain and you will see the Incan city from a unique, uncommon angle. Few travelers know about this neighboring land mass, making it a perfect trek for adventurers who want to avoid crowds. Putucusi is one of the three mountains that make up the triangular shape of this Incan city. However, no Incan structures have ever been discovered on the dome-like land mass.

Instead, hikers discovered a breathtaking view of the ancient city, one that has rarely been photographed or seen by travelers. The trails of Putucusi are steep and treacherous. Trekkers ascend from the base of the mountain, located in the town of Aguas Calientes. Along the trail, Peruvian wildlife dances around you, with birds and insects fluttering through the mountain’s rich foliage. Once you reach the top, a magical, horizontal view of Machu Picchu greets you!

Beyond the Incan city, you can spot the river that snakes around the mountains and flows down into the valley below. Putucusi Mountain is a marvelous hidden gem to explore for outdoorsy travelers who want to experience a whole new side of Machu Picchu.

Explore the Temples of Huayna Picchu

Explore the Temples of Huayna Picchu

Most travelers notice a towering mountain peak towering being the Incan City. This peak is the highest point of Huayna Picchu, the ancient city’s sister site that has provided unique insights into this mysterious civilization.

The Incas took advantage of every piece of land they claimed, and this looming mountain is no exception. Carved into the side of the cliff is a winding mountain trail, including the “Stairs of Death” known for their steep and narrow construction. Don’t worry, though, your local guide is a trained professional and expert, so the Huyana Picchu trail will be safe and informative!

Along the route, you will be able to see more Incan architecture, mainly temples and terraces that are said to have been used by the high priest who lived here. During the descent, you will be introduced to the Temple of the Moon, a holy place carved into a natural cave. Although it was not built in the main part of the city, this temple is said to be one of Machu Picchu’s greatest architectural structures. Visiting Huyana Picchu is a perfect addition to any luxury Macchu Picchu tour, giving you an opportunity to see the main city while exploring the hidden structures next door.

Wander Above the Clouds At Phuyupatamarca

Clouds At Phuyupatamarca

There is nothing quite like ascending beyond the clouds and watching the world below disappear, leaving only the Incan city in your view. At Phuyupatamarca, literally “the place of the clouds,” you can do exactly that! Standing tall at 3,670 meters above sea level (that’s over 12,000 feet!), this site is awe-striking to see in person.

Platforms and ritual baths that were included in the Inca’s sacred, religious ceremonies make up most of the structures here. Thick clouds form around you most days of the year, it’s almost hard to believe this ethereal, fantasy experience is real. Centuries after construction, the hydraulic system here is still functioning, allowing water to flow to the baths to this day. Phuyupatamarca offers travelers a unique chance to see a functioning example of the ingenious architectural work of the Incan empire. Adding this hidden gem to your luxury Machu Picchu tour will leave every traveler absolutely breathless looking at the majesty and ingenuity of this site.

Indulge in the Andes During Your Luxury Machu Picchu Tour

Indulge in the Andes

Photo Source: inkaterra.com

Even during a multi-day mountain trek, you deserve to enjoy luxury accommodations that leave you feeling inspired and refreshed for a full day of adventure. That’s where the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel comes into play! Enjoy private accommodations at this mountainside reserve, where you’ll stay in one of the peaceful “casitas” or cottages in the midst of a cloud forest.

The hotel is perfect for a short overnight stay, but if you want to extend your visit and soak up the energy of Macchu Picchu even more, Inkaterra is the perfect place to stay. Their Unu Spa combines Andean treatment methods with classic nurturing practices. You can also indulge in a delicious dinner with views of the Vilcanota River at the on-site restaurant, offering a taste of authentic Peruvian cuisine. For travelers who want the enjoy their luxury Machu Picchu tour in style, the pueblos of Inkaterra are a perfect way to escape into the Andes and recharge before continuing your journey to the Incan city.

Grab a Bite At This Hidden Gem in Aguas Calientes

Gem in Aguas Calientes

Photo Source: Facebook The Tree House Restaurant

While eating at the archeological site is prohibited, we know you’ll want to fuel up before your climb, or will be ready for a feast after your descent. In the nearby town of Aguas Calientes, there are several restaurant options available for you to explore! For the most delicious Peruvian fusion cuisine, we recommend a visit to The Tree House, a small restaurant tucked away in the back alleys of the town.

Don’t let the location intimidate you, the restaurant is a warm and welcoming place to enjoy a satisfying meal near Machu Picchu! Here, local flavors are united with internationally inspired dishes, like the Cuy Confitado, a spin on one of the most famous dishes from Peru. You can even order a boxed lunch and take it with you up the mountain to enjoy during your hike!

The Undiscovered Secrets Of Machu Picchu

Undiscovered Secrets Of Machu Picchu

One of the most incredible secrets about Machu Picchu is that we still do not know everything about this city. Archeologists and researchers are constantly investigating this site, looking for clues and insights about what daily life in this city would have looked like during the Inca’s reign.

Kuoda has made it our mission to bring every traveler the ultimate, local experience, which is why we work with local guides who live in the region and know the destinations better than anyone. When a new secret is uncovered in this ancient wonder of the world, you’ll be the first to know during your adventure! Insider stories, unique hiking trails, and exclusive activities are all part of the Kuoda experience.

Make your luxury Machu Picchu tour extra special when you embark on a Peruvian adventure with us! Whether you want to dive deep into the secrets of the citadel or see the city from unique vantage points, talk to a Kuoda travel expert and let us know what your travel goals are! We’ll make your trip to this historic site unforgettable.

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