Didn’t know what to expect but was so blown away with my trip to Cusco with Kuoda. My guide Sheila was not only wonderful but knowledageable. She really knew her facts, myths, behind the door storires and communicated them easliy. I loved the personal attentionl When we were driving back from Machu Picchu, she stopped on the side of he road – it was very dark – and asked us to look at the stars. We could almost touch them! When we were going to Machu PIchhu she made sure we had mosquito cream – and boy were we glad. No question was too “dumb” she answered them all. Our driver was a good communicator too and so gracious. My trip was last year and when I reeturned someone asked me who they should hire as guides while in Peru and in Cusco, and without any hesitation I said Kuoda. Kuoda thank you for making my tirp meaningful.

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Urb. Marcavalle N-25, Cusco - Peru
113 Baldwin Blvd. Lake Worth, FL 33463