We had a very wonderful trip to Ecuador.

We’re back and are beginning to write our articles.  We have already begun posting photos from our trip on our social media platforms:

Overall, the trip was great!  Along the way, we realized we weren’t bird people.  LOL! On the mainland, we wouldn’t change anything with the itinerary.  The hotels were very good and the guide was great.

In the Galapagos, the Beagle was good.  The crew on the boat was exceptional.  We liked the smaller, more intimate boat.  At the very last minute, there was a change in guide.  No idea what happened to the guide who was swapped out.  The new guide was very good friends with the boat’s owners.

Anyway, we LOVED the food in Ecuador.  The scenery in the Galapagos and the Avenue of the Volcanoes was spectacular.  We never in a million years thought we’d like horseback riding.  We loved it!


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