Thank you for all of you efforts to make our trip to Peru wonderful!  We will definitely recommend you to any friends or family who are thinking of traveling to Peru.

It was wonderful to meet you in Cusco.  And we absolutely love the coffee mugs!  Thank you so very much!  They are almost too beautiful to use, but we are using them and thinking of you and Peru when we have our coffee!

I would really like to see more of South American in the future.  Where else does Kuoda plan travel?

If you ever make a trip to the US, please let us know.  Louisville, KY is a great place to visit, but it is definitely not as high on the USA list as other cities.  You are welcome at our home anytime, but if you don’t make it to Louisville, maybe we could meet you in another city.

Again, thanks for everything.  And if you do have a great recipe for Pisco Sours, I would love to have it.  I did buy Pisco and brought it home with us.



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