We thoroughly enjoyed our travels, from sightseeing and eating ceviche in Lima, to enjoying the natural splendour from the Amazon to the Andes, to understanding and appreciating the history of Peru and its people.  And I know there is so much more we didn’t have the opportunity to experience!

What wonderful people we met along the way!  We were so warmly welcomed by all those we met in the village communities along the Amazon who graciously gave us a glimpse of their lives. We loved listening to the childhood stories of Ricky, our guide in the Amazon, who grew up as one of those village children and who ran to play football with them as soon as we arrived. And of course meeting all of you at Kuoda and hearing a little about your lives. Mery, your passion for your country and your genuine interest in each and every one of your clients enables you to run an outstanding company.  We are so lucky to have found you!

Thanks again for everything.



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